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Professional photographerAll too often, people give up on their creative passions in order to find a job that pays the bills or offers greater stability for themselves, their families and their finances. However, it is definitely possible to have the best of both worlds and pursue your hobbies while earning a living.

As the famous adage goes, those who do what they love won’t ever work a day in their life. If photography is your passion, transform it from hobby to career through an online certification in studio or portrait photography.

Job Outlook for Photographers

The role of a photographer can vary, but the primary objective is to capture an image in order to express an idea or an emotion. Photographers can harness powerful images that get used in print advertising, billboards or even wedding invitations.

A photographer might run his or her own business, they might work for a venue snapping photos of special occasions or they might even be hired by a travel magazine to venture around the world and shoot incredible landmarks and scenery. In the United States, there are roughly 140,000 full-time photographers, and that number is predicted to grow by four percent over the next decade.

Earning a Certification in the Field

In some fields and industries, professionals need a two or four-year college degree in order to prove that they have mastered the subject matter. In photography, a formal education is less important. However, a certification that takes just a few months to earn online can be hugely beneficial.

First, it shows to future clients or employers that you have a commitment to the art of photography and that you have studied things like lights, camera settings and photo composition. Second, it can help you to get critical feedback on your current photography and become a better artist in the long run.

Benefits of an Online Certification in Photography

If you know that a certification in studio or portrait photography is the best choice for your career, then considering earning it online. If you already hold down a job, then being able to study online will be a tremendous advantage. If there are no photography certification courses in your area, then the online option saves you from a lengthy and costly commute.

Another benefit of earning your photography certification online is that you can complete the work from the comfort of home and shoot photos in your choice of locations around the world.

Choosing a Niche Area of Photography

Before you enroll in an online certification course in photography, think carefully about what kind of photography you are most excited about. Studio photography, as the name implies, takes place indoors and relies on lights to illuminate the subject. Portrait photography can be both indoors and outdoors and features people.

Landscape or nature photography might require a deeper knowledge of natural light and involves taking pictures of the beauty of nature.

To turn a true passion for photography into a career that pays well and offers security for the future, an online certification program might well be the path you have been looking for.

Explore the wide array of certifications and online degree programs that can help you create a brighter future.


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