Pursue These Careers With a Bachelor’s in Psychology

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Psychology CareerPsychology is one of the most popular undergraduate degree options for students across the United States and even around the world. Part of its incredible popularity has to do with the interesting subject matter, but it would be a mistake to ignore just how versatile this degree can be.

Taking roughly four years to complete, the bachelor’s degree in psychology is 120 credits that can change your life for the better.

Explore some of the many careers you’ll be eligible for after graduation with your traditional or online psychology degree.

Mental Health Technician

In order to work as a licensed psychologist, you will need to go beyond just the bachelor’s degree and earn a master’s or even a doctorate. However, you don’t need an advanced education to work in the general field of public health.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology can be the perfect way to prepare for a job as a mental health technician, helping to diagnose patients and work with them to overcome a range of mental issues.

Marketing Professional

One of the primary goals in any marketing department is to influence the thoughts of others about the value of a brand or product. A curriculum in psychology helps prepare you to know how people make decisions as well as what influences them to make those decisions.

This insight can be tremendously important when it comes to creating marketing campaigns or deciding how to target certain demographics through advertising.

Career Counselor

A particularly fulfilling career choice that you can pursue after earning a bachelor’s in psychology is that of career counselor. This job focuses on helping others find the right career path that meets their passions and education.

You might work one-on-one with high school students who are trying to determine what jobs interest them, for example, or you might work with veterans to reintroduce them to civilian employment after time in the military.


All the reading, writing and researching you will do as part of the bachelor’s of psychology curriculum may develop your interest in writing as a career.

The credentials of your college education can help you to secure a job as an advertising content writer or a technical writer, or you could focus on writing novels or magazine articles.


Many people who study psychology are drawn to the field because they enjoy helping others and communicating with people in person. One way to utilize what you learned at the college level is to become a teacher.

You could teach psychology to high school students, or you could use what you learned about educational and developmental psychology to become an elementary school or special education teacher.

Human Resources Manager

Another great use of a bachelor’s degree in psychology is working as a human resources manager.

Almost every large company has a manager in human resources to handle everything from payroll to employee relationships and even hiring new staff, and your degree can be a great way to introduce yourself to this exciting career option.

By earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology through an accredited online college or a traditional campus program, you can pursue any one of these rewarding careers.

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