Why Do I Need a Fire Science Degree to Become a Firefighter?

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FiremanNot all firefighters have college degrees, and certainly not all have degrees in fire science. However, earning a traditional or online degree in fire science can pave the way to becoming a firefighter, working full time as opposed to volunteering and having the opportunity to be promoted to a leadership or management role in the field.

Discover how the curriculum and the general certification with an associate or bachelor’s degree in fire science can help you to become a better firefighter with more career opportunities.

Study Building Construction and Engineering

One of the most unexpected elements of a fire science degree is the focus on building construction and structural engineering. Upon closer inspection, however, the subjects are a natural fit for an aspiring firefighter.

If a building is on fire, firefighters should know what to target first to prevent the building from collapsing or ensuring that those in certain rooms are able to escape alive.

Prepare to Pass Necessary Firefighting Tests

Part of the hiring process for just about any firefighter is passing a series of exams designed to test your knowledge about everything from fire prevention to rescuing victims from a burning building.

If you can’t pass these tests, you won’t be hired by fire departments. A fire science degree, however, can definitely prepare you to pass these exams with flying colors on the first try.

Learn How to Perform CPR and Provide General Medical Assistance

Serving as a firefighter means encountering people who are struggling with their breathing, who have inhaled smoke or who have even passed out due to the fire.

While medical professionals handle the majority of these cases, firefighters are first on the scene, and must be prepared to perform CPR when necessary to save lives.

Gain Potential for Higher Earnings

There are often sliding pay scales for full time firefighters, and those who earn the most are those that have the most experience as well as the highest level of education.

By entering the field with an associate or bachelor’s degree in fire science, you will be able to start earning a higher annual salary right away.

You’ll Know How to Better Prevent Fires

Fire prevention is arguably just as important as knowing how to put out fires once they have already started.

A fire science degree curriculum will teach you how to spot potential fires as well as how to teach others about fire prevention and when to report the signs of a fire in their neighborhood.

You’ll Be Eligible for Advanced Careers in the Future

Serving as a firefighter is not the only job available to you once you have earned your fire science degree. After a decade as a firefighter, you might want to pursue related careers such as fire investigator, building inspector or fire equipment consultant for a major corporation. These careers are possible through experience and the right education.

While you could potentially find employment as a firefighter without a formal education, you’ll have the best chances of success and financial stability with a degree in fire science.

Learn more about earning your degree online to advance your career.


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