5 Facts About Degrees and Careers in Cybersecurity

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CybersecurityAs the scope and utility of the Internet widens, an increasing number of people are required to protect everything on the Net. When you think about online shops, online banking, online real estate and online communication, it is hard to ignore the sheer amount of data that needs to be stored and protected so that Internet users can remain secure.

Trained professionals are required to manage all of that information, which is why cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing degree types around the world.

Discover five facts about degrees and careers in cybersecurity in order to determine whether this path is the right choice for your future.

Cybersecurity Jobs Growing Twice as Fast as IT Jobs

Rapidly improving technology means that IT jobs, or information technology jobs, are already growing at a rapid pace. However, the demand for employees in cybersecurity is growing even faster, with some statistics showing double the growth in cybersecurity.

If you want to begin a career in IT, choosing to specialize in cybersecurity could be a savvy move for your job security and your long-term future.

Certain Cities Have a High Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals

By definition, cybersecurity involves computing and using the Internet, but not all cybersecurity professionals telecommute. In fact, there are some cities with a particular need for cybersecurity professionals, and many graduates in the field gravitate towards these urban areas. Top U.S. markets for cybersecurity jobs include New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Average Cybersecurity Salary is $116,000

One of the biggest reasons to study cybersecurity and to eventually find a career in the industry is because average salaries in the field can be incredibly impressive. Although exact salaries will always vary because of factors such as work experience, sector and geographic location, the average bachelor’s degree holder who works in the field of cybersecurity can enjoy a typical annual salary of $116,000.

Salaries for roles of network security administrator and and technology auditor might be at the lower end of the spectrum while the roles of information security engineer can command the highest salaries in the field.

A Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity is Typically Required

Some individuals interested in the salary and hiring practices in cybersecurity are under the mistaken impression that these roles require a decade of experience or education.

Thankfully, most hiring managers need their candidates to have just a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. This degree program typically takes students four years to complete, but it can be earned entirely online if that best fits your schedule and lifestyle.

The U.S. Loses $100 Billion to Cyber Crime Each Year

Shockingly, some estimates show that Americans, and American corporations, lose as much as $100 billion annually just because of cyber crime. This includes identity theft, outright theft, money laundering, hacking and more. To prevent this growing concern, there will logically continue to be a rising demand for cybersecurity graduates.

Cyber crime is a major threat to the U.S. economy as well as to individual safety and security around the world. With a cybersecurity degree, you can pursue a lucrative career protecting the Internet.

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