Top 5 Ways to Use Your Human Resources Degree

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Human ResourcesHuman resources is the study of the personnel that work in a business or organization. In many companies, the human resources department may be responsible for hiring, training and administration of all employees.

Whether you earn your human resources degree online or on campus, or you choose to pursue an associate degree or a bachelor’s, you’ll study subjects such as staffing, employee training, employment law and workplace safety.

Before you enroll in a human resources degree program, discover more about some of the ways you can use this degree after graduation.

1. Become a Corporate Trainer

A large part of human resources is learning how to train new employees so they are comfortable beginning their new jobs and helping the business grow. While some graduates with degrees in human resources work in-house to train new employees, others may work for corporate training firms.

Serving as a corporate trainer could involve visiting new offices regularly and conducting training programs on subjects as varied as workplace decorum and safer cloud computing.

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2. Travel as a Personnel Recruiter

If you enjoy traveling and have a desire to see the country through your job, then one great human resources career choice might be that of the personnel recruiter. Many big corporations hire personnel recruiters to bring in large numbers of applicants on a continual basis.

To reach these applicants, personnel recruiters need to attend job fairs across the country and visit college campuses to represent the company and even conduct or set up basic interviews.

3. Manage Employees

A significant number of human resources graduates will go on to work in some kind of management position. You might manage the payroll for a small organization, or you could serve as the administrative liaison between employees and executive management.

Becoming an HR manager may be a fantastic career choice for you if you can multitask, you are very organized and you can be very diplomatic when discussing issues with others.

4. Work as a Labor Relations Specialist

In many large corporations, there is at least one employee with the title of labor relations specialist. This is a position designed to resolve conflict among employees and/or management.

This requires someone with incredible patience and the ability to communicate well, as negotiating may also be necessary. In many ways, the role can be similar to that of a mediator, and the objective is to ensure a safe and productive workplace for everyone involved.

5. Handle Compensation and Benefits for a Large Organization

One element you will study while earning a human resources degree is compensation, or pay for employees. If you work in compensation and benefits, your role may include handling payroll for staff, determining when to apply pay increases over time and when to pay or administer extra benefits such as paid time off, maternity leave or health insurance.

Human resources is a fascinating field of study, and earning a degree in HR can set you up for a lifetime of success. These are just a few of the top ways to make your degree in HR work for you.

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