6 Ways to Use Your Degree in Nonprofit Management

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Non profitFor those who know that they want their careers to be meaningful and truly fulfilling, going into the field of nonprofit work can be a wonderful choice. Whether you are passionate about providing health insurance to poor families, offering college tuition scholarships to minority students or ending food scarcity on a global scale, there is a nonprofit that shares your goals and will work toward the creation of a better world.

To get started, the best way to prepare will often be with either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in nonprofit management. Here are six of the many ways that you can put your degree to work after you graduate.

1. Become a Fundraiser

One of the most pivotal roles in any nonprofit is that of fundraiser. This career can involve everything from meeting individually with big donors, who could be celebrities or business executives, as well as organizing small donations.

Your day might include planning an upcoming fundraiser or opening mail for cash donations sent in from individuals all across the country.

2. Lead Community Outreach Events

While some nonprofit organizations operate on a global scale, many more focus on a specific city or community. If you work for a group that focuses on child safety in one state, for example, your job might focus on leading community outreach events in the area.

You might spend the day at a local police station showing families how to safely use car seats for toddlers, or you might encourage local citizens to donate blood.

3. Work as a Grant Writer

Grants are like scholarships or funding for businesses, organizations and individuals. For many nonprofits, a big part of overall funding will come from grants.

A grant writer has to be a great communicator, and they also need to be able to focus on specific tasks for days or even weeks at a time until the grant has been submitted.

4. Serve as a Program Manager

Many nonprofits have several unique programs, each of which addresses the needs of a specific location or group of people. With a degree in nonprofit management, you will be equipped to lead and manage an entire one of these programs on your own.

This can be challenging, but knowing you are personally responsible for positive change is an amazing feeling.

5. Act as a Marketing Director

The marketing director of a nonprofit might handle online marketing in order to attract donations, or it might lead events that encourage volunteers in a city. In a way, the marketing director is a type of PR position, which requires great communication skills.

6. Work as a Human Resources Manager

If you are a people person and you are very organized, then a wonderful way to use your degree in nonprofit management is to work in HR. Human resources might involve handling staff problems or taking on recruiting and employee training.

Earning a degree online in the field of nonprofit management will prepare you for any one of these exciting and fulfilling careers.

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