6 Habits of Successful Online Students

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Online College StudentChoosing to earn a degree online rather than on a traditional college campus is a smart move for many students, particularly those who are studying a niche subject, who live in a rural area or who have a busy lifestyle. While earning a degree online can be a fantastic choice for many students, it does require a unique set of study habits.

Here are the six habits of successful online students and how you can incorporate them into your life.

1. Keeping an Updated Calendar

Juggling several online courses with a family, a social life or a full-time job can be a challenge, so it is important to know exactly when due dates are approaching or exams are scheduled.

Keeping an updated calendar, and marking it as soon as you know the dates for important projects or tests, is key in order to avoid missing deadlines or forgetting about exams until the last minute.

2. Following a Study Schedule

Most people can’t just show up for work whenever they feel like it or take care of their children according to their preferred schedule. In the same way, studying for an online degree shouldn’t be something you do if you have free time.

To excel, you will need to schedule certain times of the week to read, watch lectures and go over notes. Try to make these time nonnegotiable, and make up for them later on if they have to be missed for any reason.

3. Working in the Same Place Regularly

Many of the most successful online students can name a place where they work best. Try to find a quiet spot that you associate with studying, and head there whenever you need to focus, be free from distractions and get work done.

4. Asking for Help When Necessary

Studying online can be a very independent activity, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. If you have any questions about material covered in an exam, or if any part of the curriculum doesn’t make sense to you, seek help right away.

Most online courses clearly state the contact information of professors, lecturers or administrative staff that can answer your questions.

5. Tell Friends and Family About Your Studies

Successful online students know that getting the support of friends and family is key. To be held accountable, and to work toward your goals, let others know what you’re working towards.

Just knowing that others expect you to finish courses and eventually graduate will keep you on track and encourage you when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

6. Complete All the Required Reading

It can be tempting, whether studying online or in a traditional campus classroom, to skip over the required or recommended readings and focus on memorization and test preparation.

However, those reading are context, which will help you better understand facts and make sense of your curriculum.

Earning a degree from an accredited online college can be a smart way to get ahead without sacrificing anything in your life. With these habits, you can find success when studying online and make the most of your education.

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