Making Your Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Work For You

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Healthcare PersonelThere are a variety of reasons that might have first interested you in a career in healthcare. The field is perfect for anyone that wants a fulfilling career, a job that allows you to help others in a hands-on capacity and the chance to truly make a difference each day. Plus, the healthcare field is growing rapidly and with no slowdown in sight. That means more job opportunities for graduates, more competition among hiring managers and the chance to earn more money over the course of your career.

If you want to find success in this field, earning a bachelor’s degree in healthcare is often the right move. Whether you opt to earn your degree on a traditional college campus or through an accredited online college, here are some of the top places you can make your degree work for you.

At a Healthcare Nonprofit

One of the ways that you can use a bachelor’s degree in healthcare is at a nonprofit organization. While a nonprofit can relate to any number of causes, many are medical in nature. The goal of a particular organization, for example, could be to eliminate a disease among children or spread awareness about the risks of a certain behavior.

These health-related nonprofits will need employees who are familiar with the medical field and also have a background in subjects like accounting or operations management, all of which can be obtained through the right degree program.

At a Private Physician’s Office

Many healthcare graduates go on to work in an administrative capacity within a medical environment. Some private clinics and physician’s offices, for example, require office managers that can handle operations and administrative duties as well as be familiar with patient treatment or insurance billing.

You might be tasked with overseeing an entire pediatric practice, a physical therapist’s office or even a nursing home.

At a Health Insurance Company

A significant portion of the employees hired by health insurance providers have a medical background and a degree in healthcare. That is because while much of the work is administrative in nature, or relates to customer care and accounting, it is at the root about paying for medical services.

Employees at a health insurance company may be more prepared to respond to requests or speak authoritatively about denials when speaking to patients and doctors alike.

At a Large Hospital

The natural assumption about employment for many graduates with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare is going on to work in a large hospital. Employing thousands, a big hospital can provide you with the chance to work as a healthcare consultant, a facility manager, a medical records professional or a program coordinator.

At a Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceutical companies hire researchers at the top levels of their field to develop new products, but other employees are also required. Your bachelor’s in healthcare may help you to serve an administrative role in a pharmaceutical company or even sell products to doctors and suppliers.

By earning a bachelor’s degree in healthcare from an accredited online college, you can be on the right track toward a successful career in the field.

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