6 High-Paying Jobs for Graduates With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business

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College Student On LaptopIf you know that you want to eventually secure a career in the business world, then there are few education choices more appropriate than earning a bachelor’s degree in business. This four-year program can prepare you for a number of business careers in a range of industries, and it is available at traditional college campuses as well as through accredited online colleges. While there are a number of factors that might influence your future career choice in business, there is little doubt that salary will be a part of the equation.

Here are six high-paying jobs available to graduates who earn their online bachelor’s degree in business.

1. Media Supervisor

Businesses who spend money on advertising and marketing typically hire a media supervisor to determine how best to spend their budget. Media supervisors have to have an accounting background as well as an interest in online, print and commercial marketing. The typical salary for a media supervisor is $71,000.

2. Business Development Manager

A business development manager is responsible for seeking out new revenue streams for an existing business. This might mean releasing classic albums for a music publishing company or renting unsold commercial property during a low market. A business development manager with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn an average annual salary of $83,000.

3. Account Executive

If you enjoy the world of business and you think of yourself as an outgoing people person, then working as an account executive may be the ideal career choice. An account executive creates and maintains the relationships between the business and potential clients, customers, partners or suppliers. Account executives earn typical salaries of $64,000, although this can vary widely from industry to industry.

4. Chief Marketing Officer

The chief marketing officer of a business is one of the top executive positions available, and it requires lots of hard work, ambition and experience in addition to a bachelor’s degree in business. While the position can be challenging, since it involves overseeing all of the marketing for a large business, it can be incredibly lucrative thanks to an average salary of $172,000.

5. Cost Engineer

If you gravitated towards accounting courses while earning your online bachelor’s degree in business, then you might want to work towards becoming a cost engineer. This role involves assessing risk, analyzing the potential cost of various scenarios and creating probable budgets so that businesses know what to expect when taking on new projects. Cost engineers are rewarded for their hard work with typical annual earnings of $100,000.

6. Tax Compliance Manager

Corporate taxes are far from straightforward, which is why many corporations hire tax compliance managers to oversee their payments. The primary role of a tax compliance manager is to ensure that all legal tax obligations are being upheld, but that the business is taking full advantage of any rebates available to them. Tax compliance managers can expect to earn typical salaries of $86,000 annually.

Clearly, earning an bachelor’s degree in business from an accredited online college can provide you with a number of potential career choices that are fulfilling, fascinating and lucrative.

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