5 Education Careers Outside of the Classroom

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Corporate Trainer For most prospective college students, education degrees are supposed to naturally lead to a career in a school of some kind. If you major in early childhood education, it stands to reason that you’ll become an elementary school teacher. If you studied history and education, then the odds are good that you’ll go on to become a high school history teacher.

However, earning a bachelor’s degree in education doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to become a teacher, and it certainly doesn’t mean you will work in a traditional school setting.

Discover five career choices suitable for those with a bachelor’s degree in education that don’t require you to be in the classroom.

1. Private Tutor

A natural choice for those who love working with others, but who don’t enjoy the monotony of working in the same classroom five days a week, is to become a private tutor. Tutors can work freelance or own their own tutoring company, or they can be hired to work on a contract basis for a large tutoring business.

As a tutor, your specific subjects can be anything that you’re passionate about. You might teach younger children how to read before they head to kindergarten, or you could help high school students study for the SATs.

2. Online Instructor

Another way to utilize your bachelor’s degree in education is to become an online instructor. If you earned your degree online, then an added bonus will be that you already understand how to learn via the Internet and how to encourage students to excel in a nontraditional setting.

Online instructors might hold video chats with overseas professionals who are trying to master the English language, or they might offer streaming classes for rural students who live too far from a school campus to commute daily.

3. Nanny

In many cities, a professional, full-time nanny can earn far more than a teacher. Nannies with education degrees are in demand among parents who want the best for their children.

Being a nanny gives you the chance to form strong bonds with a few children, rather than having to stretch yourself thin across an entire busy classroom each day.

4. Textbook Author

If you have a love for education and you want to be involved at a different level, you might be cut out to become a textbook author. This involves lots of research, excellent communication skills and the ability to determine what children can learn at each age and developmental level.

5. Corporate Trainer

Earning an online bachelor’s degree in education can set you up for a corporate career, should you want one. Working as a corporate trainer means going in to a business to teach a seminar on a particular topic. It could be something for HR like professional behavior, or it could be a subject relating to a new type of software the entire business will use.

Earning an education degree definitely doesn’t mean you have limited career options. Each of these jobs, and many more, take you out of the classroom while still utilizing your skills in the field of education.

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