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Businesswoman Doing CalculationsUnfortunately, there is a stigma attached to the field of accounting. All too often, students earning their degree in accounting are thought of as safe and boring, when in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. To excel in an accounting degree program, you certainly do need to have an organized personality and strength in math.

However, graduates definitely don’t need to secure boring jobs after earning their accounting degree. Here are a few unexpected and definitely exciting careers possible for graduates in accounting.

Celebrity Accountant

After a singer’s record goes platinum or an actor signs a deal for a $20 million movie, the first person they call might actually be their accountant. Celebrities who bring in big paychecks also have to deal with serious taxes, and they often don’t have the time or energy to handle their budgets.

Accountants who work with celebrities might go through their spending records and suggest cutbacks, help them file for taxes each year or recommend the best investments that will make the most of their hefty income.

Forensic Accountant

Believe it or not, some accountants are more James Bond than numbers nerd. After a crime is committed, or when a government agency needs to track down a wanted man, one of the steps is to comb through financial records.

For instance, a suspected murderer might have received a big payment in the days prior, so his or her financial records need to be studied and any deposits traced. Corporate corruption or government bribery may also be found and analyzed by forensic accountants who can understand complicated financial paperwork and bank records.

Jet-setting Accounting Consultant

If you want a job that lets you travel the world, becoming an accounting consultant could be the right fit. This career means that rather than working for a single company, you’ll share your expertise with a range of businesses who need temporary assistance.

You might travel to Tokyo to help a company restructure and cut costs after a poor quarter, or you might handle the financial records of two French companies that have recently merged.

Fashion Retail Accountant

The fashion industry can certainly be a creative field, but there are still a number of professionals who work in fashion that help to ensure that businesses make a profit.

A fashion accountant might help fashion designers price their couture designs, or they might work for a big retailer to determine how many items a store needs to stock and what the price should be for each product.

Sports Team or Franchise Accountant

Just like any other business, sports teams and franchises need to hire an accountant to handle the financial aspect of success. As a sports accountant, you might need to help a team determine how much to pay new players, or you could work with a franchise to figure out how many sponsors are needed in order to minimize the costs of building a new headquarters or stadium.

Earning a degree in accounting can set you on the path towards financial success as well as exciting careers like those listed above.

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