Should You Become a Graphic Designer or a Web Designer?

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Graphic DesignerIf you enjoy expressing your creativity, and you have a passion for creating websites or cartoons, you might have considered a career and a degree in design. Since design is such an enormous field, it is important to narrow down the options and choose an area of design that best meets your skill set and passion. Graphic design and web design are two popular degree options, but many students aren’t exactly sure what the difference is.

Understand the differences between becoming a graphic designer and web designer in order to pick your career path.

Roles of Graphic and Web Designers

The role of a graphic designer is to create visual materials for clients. A graphic designer may create a cartoon to be used on a website or be responsible for making a new logo for a multinational corporation.

A web designer, on the other hand, has a greater range of responsibilities. In addition to working on graphics and visuals, a web designer often handles webpage content or user capability.

In a nutshell, a graphic designer is an art-focused role that may incorporate elements of technology, while a web designer is a technology-focused role that might incorporate elements of art.

Necessary Educational Requirements for Both Careers

Whether you want to become a graphic designer or a web designer, a bachelor’s degree is standard. However, in web design, professionals are more likely to have an advanced degree. A bachelor’s degree in either graphic or web design will take approximately four years to complete, and will be made up of roughly 120 credits.

Whatever your design major, however, you can have the option of earning your degree online. Through an accredited online college, you can pursue your design dreams and fit in a quality education despite family obligations, a rural location or full-time employment.

Salaries for Web and Graphic Designers

The specific salary that you can earn as either a web designer or a graphic designer will depend heavily on the industry in which you are employed, your work experience and your ability. However, web designers do have a significantly bigger salary overall.

The average graphic designer in the United States can expect to earn an annual salary of roughly $43,000, but a web designer can expect to earn around $76,000 each year. If money is one of your primary motivators, then it might make sense to favor a web design degree.

Projected Growth for Both Fields

When choosing a degree or a career path, it is important to look ahead and check out job growth predictions for the future. Thankfully, both web design and graphic design are fields forecast to grow in the coming years.

Web design as an industry may see a 22 percent jump in full-time employees, while graphic designers will see a smaller jump with predictions of 13 percent growth.

While there are certainly plenty of similarities between graphic design and web design, learning the differences can  help you choose the right design major.

Consider your options to earn your degree online through an accredited college or university.



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