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Mind Body Soul Psychology is one of the most popular college majors in the world, thanks in large part to fascinating subject matter. If you’re leaning toward earning an online or traditional degree in psychology, keep in mind that you have a number of career options available to you after graduation. Many who earn an associate or bachelor’s degree choose to work in a different field altogether, and even those who remain in psychology can do more than work as clinical psychologists.

Learn more about your job options after graduation by taking a look at some of the trending careers in the field of psychology.

Vocational Counselor

As the economy continues to struggle and technology changes many industries like manufacturing, there are an increasing number of people who need career direction.

A vocational or career counselor is the person who can help their patients find a career path that suits them and will be fulfilling. You could help a high school graduate take a job evaluation exam to suggest potential areas of study that might interest them, or you might work with a man in his 50s who is ready to switch paths and find a new career late in life.

Genetics Counselor

Just 20 years ago, the idea of a genetics counselor would have been a foreign concept. Today, it is a rapidly rising career choice for those with at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

The role of a genetics counselor is to help provide information about genetic disorders and diseases to prospective parents. A genetics counselor has to have some background or knowledge in the medical field as well as an interest in biology, but the training acquired through a psychology degree is what will help professionals in this role communicate clearly and kindly to patients.

Engineering Psychologist

An engineering psychology is someone who uses what they know about human action and behavior to improve the relationship between humans and technology. For instance, an engineering psychologist might uncover through studies that consumers respond better to voice controls that are male rather than female. Or, an engineering psychologist could alter robotic machines so that they feel less threatening and more helpful to individuals. This role is one that requires both a psychology degree and a background and interest in the fields of engineering or information technology.

Sports and Performance Psychologist

Modern athletes, entertainers and performers get training in order to perform at the highest level, but they also typically meet with sports or performance psychologists.

A sports psychologist might work individually with professional athletes who need help envisioning success or recovering from a major defeat. The pressures of performing on an international level, whether the performance involves kicking a ball or belting out a hit song, can be tremendous. To work as a sports or performance psychologist, you’ll typically need a minimum of a master’s degree in the field of psychology.

By earning a traditional or online degree in psychology, you can be prepared to tackle any one of the interesting and in-demand careers listed above. Each offers new opportunities, impressive salaries and the chance to work in a fascinating field.

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