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Justice Scales and HandcuffsChoosing a college degree means considering a range of factors that might include everything from personal passion to future income potential. One of the most important factors to consider, however, is job outlook. A job outlook is a series of predictions forecasting the future of the industry or a particular career, and it can help guide prospective students so that they pick a major and a field that is likely to experience growth in the future.

If you’re fascinated by criminal justice and want to pursue an online degree in the field, take a look at the job outlook before enrolling in the degree program of your choice.

Increased Demand in the Field of Criminal Justice

Prospective students who want to earn an online degree in criminal justice will be pleased to learn that, overall, there is projected to be an increase in the number of careers available for graduates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of police officers in the country is forecast to grow an impressive 10 percent by the year 2018. Growth projections are even higher for criminal investigators and detectives, and the BLS forecasts a rise in employment by 18 percent. Even college faculty who teach criminal justice courses to students can expect to see increased demand by roughly 15 percent over the same time period.

Fastest-Growing Careers for Criminal Justice Graduates

Opting to pursue one of the fastest-growing careers in criminal justice can have a number of benefits for you.

  • First, there is a bigger chance of finding employment immediately after graduation.
  • Second, there is a greater likelihood of finding a career that is fulfilling.
  • Third, if there are more career openings than applicants available, you can feel free to negotiate your terms of employment and secure a lucrative position in your desired field.

If you have your heart set on earning an online degree in criminal justice, then some of the fastest-growing careers available to you as a graduate will include that of paralegal, legal assistant and forensic investigator.

Reasons for the Rise in Criminal Justice Careers

The average profession should, in theory, grow only to keep up with the rising population. In reality, however, industries experience tremendous growth as well as stagnation due to a number of factors. As the number of people incarcerated in the country continues to grow, so will the demand for professionals who can arrest, protect, try and manage these individuals.

A political focus on law and order, rising interest in improving the police and judicial systems and an emphasis on secure borders all translates to more jobs and growth in the field.

Typical Salaries for Criminal Justice Graduates

The salary potential for criminal justice graduates is another reason to earn a related degree and find a career in the field. Legal secretaries can expect to earn $43,000 annually, paralegals can earn $50,000, police officers can earn $56,000 and the average annual pay for a court reporter is $63,000.

Earning an online degree in criminal justice is a great way to pursue a subject you are passionate about, but it can also set you up for success thanks to a booming job market and impressive salary potential.

Find the right degree and the right accredited college to help you reach your career goals.


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