6 Reasons to Earn an Online MSN

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Nurse Working at ComputerIf you want to pursue a career in nursing, there is no shortage of opportunities available. You can earn an associate degree in nursing and begin an entry-level career in the field, or you could earn a bachelor’s in nursing and work in an emergency room or a private practice. If you want to specialize in a niche medical area, become an expert in the field, secure some of the top careers in nursing and earn the highest salaries, then it makes sense to earn an MSN, or master’s degree in nursing.

Here are just six of the many reasons to earn an online MSN.

1. Achieve Specialization

By earning an online master’s degree in nursing, you can specialize in the area of the field that interests you most. This might be forensic nursing, pediatric nursing or a range of other niche areas.

As a registered nurse, you may not be able to focus on your preferred area of medicine, but earning your master’s will focus your studies and your area of employment.

2. Boost Your Earning Potential

A big reason to consider an online master’s degree  in nursing is because it can play a major role in boosting your earning potential. A registered nurse, who typically holds a bachelor’s degree, can expect to earn an average salary of $65,000 each year.

While that is a comfortable number to start with, earning a master’s in nursing will only boost those earnings. As a nursing instructor or an advanced registered nurse practitioner, two jobs you can secure with a master’s, you can easily find positions paying over $100,000 annually.

3. Work and Study Simultaneously

If you’re already employed as a nurse, you don’t have to drop your full-time job to earn a master’s in nursing. Programs offered through accredited online colleges allow you to balance pursuing your advanced education with your existing career.

4. Work Toward a Doctoral Degree

The pinnacle of the nursing field is earning a doctorate degree, which makes you eligible for the top positions and highest salaries in nursing. If you want to be on the path toward earning your doctorate, pursuing your online MSN may be the next logical step.

5. Obtain a Managerial or Teaching Position

Working as a nurse can be fulfilling, but it is also a very challenging career. If you want to secure more traditional working hours or spend less time on your feet, you might want to transition to a nursing career as a manager or as a nursing instructor. A master’s degree can help you accomplish both of these goals.

6. Make a Bigger Difference in the Lives of Patients

Last, but certainly not least, remember that earning your master’s can make you a better nurse. This makes it possible for you to help more people and improve the lives of your patients.

If you want to advance your career, boost your salary or refocus on a new specialty in the field, earning an online master’s in nursing, or an MSN, might be the right choice for your future.

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