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Technology CareersThe tech industry is constantly evolving, and new developments change the way that we shop, travel and interact with one another on a regular basis. These ongoing changes means that technology demands fresh graduates all the time who can handle the newest developments, software and engineering. Pursuing an online associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree in any area of technology is a fabulous way to prepare for a career in this exciting field.

As you browse majors and choose the best program for your future, be sure to consider some of the fastest growing careers in technology so you know what the job market might look like by the time you’re ready to graduate.

Mobile Application Developer

Increasingly, Internet users are relying on their smartphones rather than their laptops and desktop computers. As a result, any businesses that want to stay relevant online need to have mobile applications rather than standard websites. If you are interested in web development, and mobile application development in particular, then this will likely be a lucrative field worth exploring for your future.

Generally, those who want to pursue this career path will need a minimum of an associate degrees in information technology or web design. Mobile application developers can earn an average salary of $94,000, making it a well-paid position in the field of technology.

Veterinary Technologist

Not all technology careers are in the field of information technology. Medical technology is also rapidly advancing, and the technology used to treat animals and humans improves constantly. If you would like to pursue a career that revolves around the world of technology and allows you to spend time with animals, then consider a position as a veterinarian technologist.

This is one of the fastest growing jobs in the country, and predictions show that there will be an increased demand of more than 40 percent by 2020 for trained vet techs. Typically, you will need to earn an associate degree to become a veterinary technologist.

Database Administrator

Businesses around the world are in need of database administrators, which means that those with the right skill set and degree can command impressive salaries in this role.

A database administrator is tasked with monitoring databases, protecting and storing collected data and using software to report and analyze information. The best way to prepare for a career as a database administrator is to earn an online bachelor’s degree in information technology.

Technical Project Manager

Project management is a specialty that can apply across many industries, but it is becoming increasingly necessary in the field of information technology. By 2020, forecasters predict there will be 142,000 new technical project management jobs available for graduates to choose from.

To become a technical project manager, you will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree can help boost your earnings and your career options. Technical project managers can expect to earn an impressive $148,000 per year in the middle of their careers.

As you begin choosing the online degree that is best for you, don’t forget to consider the future job market. Rapidly growing careers may end up being the best prospects for you after graduation.

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