Tips to Help You Work, Play and Attend College Simultaneously

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College StudentIf you’re like most people, you probably already feel like you’re short on time. You might wish you had a longer weekend to relax, or you might wish for more hours in the day to travel to see friends and get work done. Despite this almost universal craving for more time, it is possible to balance the tricky trifecta of work, school and social life. Let these tips help you navigate a busy time without feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

1. Earn Your College Degree Online

Perhaps the most effective way to help you balance work, play and education at once is to enroll in an online degree program. Right off the bat, you can eliminate all the time and effort that it takes to commute to campus on a regular basis.

Plus, online study makes it easier to set aside time for your education no matter where you happen to be. You can read class texts during your lunch break or watch a streaming lecture from a tablet computer as you take the bus or train to work.

2. Tell Friends and Colleagues About Your Goals

Having the support of friends, family and colleagues can be a big help on your quest to earning your college degree. Be sure to tell them about how your life might change while you’re studying online and be positive about the switch.

Your boss might want to support you by offering the option to telecommute once a week, and your friends may suggest meeting closer to your home now that your schedule is busier than ever before.

3. Create a Weekly Schedule – and Stick to it

Although school and work should be your two biggest priorities, it is important to add in plenty of fun to prevent burnout. After all, an associate degree takes an average of two years to complete, and a bachelor’s typically takes four years.

You don’t want to go that long without spending time with friends, traveling or relaxing! By creating a weekly schedule, you can fit in the important stuff and highlight when you’ve got free time to have fun.

4. Drop Unnecessary Activities When Possible

If something is enjoyable and fun to you, continue to make time in it for your schedule. However, with work, play and school, you might need to drop some unnecessary items from your calendar.

That could mean watching one less show in the evenings before you go to bed, or it might mean skipping your typical Sunday morning of sleeping in late and then walking to get coffee at noon.

5. Learn to Boost Your Efficiency

A great way to get more done each day is to increase your efficiency. Instead of going to the grocery store four times in a week to grab a few items, plan out your meals and grab everything in one go to save three trips. Instead of jogging slowly for an hour each day as your workout, cut it down to thirty minutes of speed training or intervals.

By incorporating some of these tips, you can be better prepared to navigate the busy schedule of work, play and earning a college education at the same time.

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