5 Reasons Online Education Works for Active Duty Military and Transitioning Veterans

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Military Student in Fatigues with BooksServing in the military is an admirable career choice, and the sacrifices our service men and women make for the entire country are infinite. Fortunately, there is at least one sacrifice these dedicated men and women don’t have to make while serving their country – getting their education.

Since online education has grown exponentially in recent years, it’s possible for military personnel – whether on active duty deployment or those transitioning back into civilian life – to earn or advance their college degrees through flexible online degree programs on every level: associate, bachelor, master’s and even doctorate degrees.

There are many reasons earning a college degree online works so well for military men and women. Discover just a few of these:

1. Online Degree Programs Offer Unsurpassed Flexibility

While serving in the military in any capacity, the number-one priority is to complete your duties in whatever branch you serve. Nothing should be placed above these duties, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue other goals as well. Enrolling in an online degree program offers you the chance to study wherever you are located whenever you have the time.

As you determine which school you want to attend, make sure to inquire about whether any additional flexibility is offered to active-duty military students. This can vary from one college to another; so you should make sure you will be provided with additional time to complete assignments, if necessary, while you’re deployed.

2. Earning Your Degree While on Active Duty Helps You Prepare for Civilian Life

When you’re serving in the military, your thoughts and activities are geared toward your military life; however, it’s also smart to think about what you want to do with your life when your service is complete. Unless, of course, you plan to stay in the service; and that is just one more great reason to earn your college degree.

If you plan to make the most of your military career, advancing your degree can help you get there sooner. So either way, online education can play a vital role in helping you reach your future goals.

3. Abundant Financial Aid Is Available for Military Students

In addition to enjoying the flexibility of online degree programs while serving in the military, you can take advantage of a variety of education financial aid programs designed specifically to meet the needs of veterans and active-duty military personnel.

One of the best known types of military educational financial aid is the GI Bill. This revamped Post 9/11 GI Bill offers wonderful benefits to those who have served at least 90 days of active duty since September 11th, 2001.

If you have served in the military for three years or more, you can qualify to have 100% of your tuition costs paid in full by the U.S. Government. Additionally, transitioning veterans can receive a stipend to help with living expenses while attending school full time.

4. Benefits Available for Spouses and Children of Military Personnel

One surprising benefit that you may not be aware can even help your children or your spouse with education expenses.

If you have served in any branch of the military for a minimum of six years and you plan to continue for several more, your spouse and children can qualify for the 100% tuition payments. So be sure to look into this if you have college-age dependents.

5. Accredited Colleges Offer Degree Programs That Fit Your Career Goals

No matter what your goals include for the future, you may be surprised to realize the wide range of degrees you can earn 100% online from an accredited online college or university. The number of programs available has increased in recent years so that regardless of your career interests, you can find an accredited college offering a respectable college degree in your chosen field.

Degrees range from the associate to the master’s and doctorate level in many fields, and you can also earn certifications to continue your education online once you’ve earned your degree.

Today’s most sought after fields include technology, business, education, accounting, psychology and more. The programs are designed with the active adult in mind to provide the most flexible scheduling possible with the highest regard for offering a quality education that can prepare you for a solid career in the future.

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