Learn Why Online Colleges Are Ideal for the Single Mom (Who Does It All!)

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Mom and DaughterOnline learning has justly begun to gain greater respect around the globe. With today’s generation of young people who have grown up with all things digital, it is the natural order of things for them to prefer an online platform for learning. And by all accounts, there will continue to be more and more options for the online college student.

As an educator and online instructor for a number of years, I had the opportunity to talk with many students about their reasons for choosing to earn their degrees online.

In my online classroom I taught students from all walks of life from around the country. My classes always included one or more stay-at-home moms, single moms, single dads, military personal, and individuals with all types of jobs and careers.

While many groups of individuals certainly benefit tremendously from studying online, none more so than the stay-at-home-mom sector. Primarily because of the amazing flexibility allowed by online courses, moms find the online classroom ideal.

Here are some of the primary reasons my students said they chose online learning:

Flexible Scheduling of Classes

I found moms to be among the most dedicated group of students whether they were stay-at-home moms with young children or had children going to elementary, middle or high school.

All moms have to juggle their own schedules to coincide with the responsibilities of motherhood. So it stands to reason that being able to enroll in classes at the most convenient times would work beautifully for them.

Many online courses run on a continuous schedule with classes starting every 9 weeks. This allows busy moms to skip a term if necessary during the year to accommodate their families without losing an entire semester of learning.

Ability to Create Their Own Study Schedule

For busy moms who have one child or more at home all day, the ability to create their own study schedule to complete online course work is an invaluable advantage.

When the children are taking their afternoon nap, or while they have a play date with friends, moms can find a nice chunk of time to work in some studying. Rising before kids get up in the morning or setting aside some time after everyone is in bed is another option for busy moms to find time to do classwork.

Not having to get themselves dressed, as well as their children, frees up a lot of extra time that can be put toward studying. As a stay-at-home mom student, you can study in your PJs and even get your child occupied in the same room while you study any time of the day or night.

Sidestepping Day Care Costs

One of the biggest advantages of studying online as a stay-at-home mom is not having to pay for child care, which can mount up very quickly month by month.

Many moms love being able to care for their children while working toward their professional goals. Saving the child care costs goes a long way in paying college expenses, so it works out quite well for young families.

Attaining a Sense of Accomplishment

Being a mom in itself is a huge accomplishment because moms really can seem to do it all! They can juggle ten things at once and still keep going! Taking advantage of the time while staying at home with babies is much more doable with online learning.

Many moms want to be ready to get back into the work force once their children reach school age, so earning a degree during the time children are young is perfect. Online learning for moms provides them with greater marketability when they are ready to pursue a career and a huge sense of accomplishment to boot!

Being a Role Model for Children

Almost every mom I talked to in my online classes had an additional reason for wanting to earn their college degrees – they wanted to teach their children the importance and value of having a good education. Time and time again, I heard this sentiment.

Online learning is often the only way these young mothers can possibly prepare for a better future while taking care of their children at home. All of the advantages mentioned above contribute to the success of the stay-at-home mom in the online classroom and make the idea of earning a college degree a reality for them.

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