Are Online College Classes Easier?

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College Student Studying at HomeWhen people think about taking college courses online, they might have the idea that if they take online classes, they will be easier to pass than regular courses in a classroom setting. Many individuals likely enroll in online classes with this mistaken idea.

Here’s why you will find that online college classes are both challenging and rewarding, but not easier.

Expect to Be Challenged

When you attend college, you shouldn’t really expect your classes to be easy. After all, the reason most people go to college is to learn enough about a specific topic to be a marketable, knowledgeable employee once the degree is awarded.

If you enroll in an online college so you can continue to work full time while you earn your college degree, you should still expect to be challenged by your course materials and your instructor. Otherwise, you would not gain the knowledge you need to be truly successful.

Learning Styles Make a Difference

The real truth is that whether online classes are harder or easier for you has a lot to do with the way you learn best.

One of the biggest differences in online classes vs. traditional classes is that you have to do a lot of reading on your own. You won’t be attending classes and listening to lectures, you will have to read the course materials to get the information you need to know.

Some online classes may offer some live streaming lectures, but others may depend entirely on your thoroughly reading and understanding course materials. This is an area you may have some difficulty getting used to because you will have to motivate yourself to read not just a little bit, but a lot in order to really understand the material required.

Writing Papers vs. Taking Exams

Another difference you may encounter in the online classroom is that your final will be a paper rather than an exam. Quite often in online classrooms, you are given an assignment at the beginning of class which you will work on in stages throughout the course.

This is great for some students, while others might prefer a multiple choice test at the end of the course as the final exam. So depending on your writing skills, you may actually find the online class more difficult.

However, you will have weeks to work on your final paper all the way through the class; so if you stay on your game and don’t get behind, you will find that by the end of the term all you should have to do is put the finishing touches on your paper and get it ready to submit for evaluation.

Level of Comfort With Technology

If you’re tech savvy and not intimidated by computers and technology in general, you will find navigating online classes a breeze. If you’ve never worked on a computer and feel nervous about getting online to do your course work, you will naturally feel more challenged in the beginning.

However, most online colleges offer orientation for new students to help them get familiar and comfortable with the online learning platform used at their schools.  So you should make your mind up to relax and learn the ropes during orientation and give yourself time to get the hang of things. In no time you will be posting assignments like a pro.

How to Be a Success in the Online Class

Learn how the classes work right off the bat, don’t procrastinate; read all you can read about every assignment and ALL of the material for the week BEFORE you try to complete each assignment; participate in class with your peers and your instructor; ask questions if you have done all of the above and still can’t find the answer. All of these things will work together to help you be a successful online student.

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