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Teacher with StudentsIt’s a fact that teachers do not get the respect they deserve in our country. In some countries, teachers are revered for their knowledge and ability to help children learn so they can become successful adults. Regardless, if you have the desire to become a teacher on any level, whether it be elementary, high school, or college, you won’t find a more rewarding career on the planet.

When you opt to be a teacher for the right reasons, you will not be disappointed by the rewards you will receive from those you teach.

It isn’t monetary necessarily, but the rewards are in seeing your students succeed, seeing them become excited by the completion of a successful project or when the light bulb goes off in that AHA moment they a concept is finally understood.


All states have their own set of standards and certifications teachers must meet to be able to teach in their classrooms.

While you can major in education online or in a traditional classroom in any state, you will need to inquire with the state department of education in your state to make sure of the requirements you will need to meet to teach in the state where you live.

Usually you will be required to take a certification test for the state to be awarded a teaching certificate allowing you to occupy a classroom as the lead teacher.


Depending on what area and on what level you wish to teach, you will study a variety of subjects that can prepare you to teach on that level.

Elementary teachers will study an entirely different set of courses than one who is pursuing a degree on the secondary level.

While each level of study differs, you will be able to choose an area of specialization on which to focus. For instance, you might want to teach mathematics on the elementary or middle school level, or you might want to teach English on the high school level.

After you complete the required basic courses, you will then be able to focus on the area that you’re interested in most and take courses that will prepare you to teach, assess and evaluate student performance in your field of expertise.

Level of Degree Required

Most elementary, middle, and high schools require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for their teachers. Earning a master’s degree can help you to earn more regardless of the level on which you teach.

If you are interested in starting out as a teacher’s assistant, check into the requirements first. You can often earn an associate degree to be qualified for this position.

One strategy is to earn an associate degree to get into the school system and then go on to earn your bachelor’s degree to become a fully-qualified teacher.

You can do the same thing once you earn your bachelor’s degree in education. During the summers and even during the school year, you can take advantage of online degree programs to continue advancing your education while you are working and end up with a master’s degree to make the most of your teaching career.

Whatever type of degree you are interested in earning, make sure you earn your degree at an accredited college or university.

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