Is the IMBA the Right Choice for Your Future?

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International Business ManEarning an MBA is often the ultimate goal for those who hold a bachelor’s degree in business, and all types of business degrees are the most sought after types of degrees students of all ages desire to earn. Because of the global nature of business, many students are opting to specialize even further by pursuing the IMBA – International Master of Business Administration degree.

Let’s explore what types of careers you can pursue, the salary expectations, the kinds of work environments in which you might work, the future job outlook, etc.


Holding an IMBA degree allows graduates to expand their business careers in a wide range of directions. If you like traveling, this is a great way to see the world as you conduct business globally. You might decide to become a consultant who travels far and near to help companies of all types learn to do business on an international level successfully.

Just a few other directions you might choose to go with your IMBA include becoming an industrial production manager, administrative services manager, cost estimator, or a management analyst.

Once you enroll in the IMBA program, you will find many different areas in which you can specialize to reach your professional goals and enjoy your career to the fullest.

Typical Salary

It’s fairly obvious that going after an IMBA means you are ready to take your business career to a higher level and therefore expect to increase your earning potential.

An $80,000 per year salary is typical for a management analyst holding a bachelor’s degree, so when you add the Master’s Degree to this equation, you will earn even more. Another example is the salary for a transportation or distribution manager who typically earns $85,000.00 with a bachelor’s degree.

Clearly, by adding the higher degree to your resume and gaining the additional knowledge you need, you can prepare for a lucrative future in the world of international business.


Achieving success with your IMBA only begins with earning the degree. Using your own previous work experience to assist you in your new role is key.

A highly detail-oriented personality, one who can handle deadlines and remain organized and in control under stress will help you succeed in a high-powered business scenario too.

Job Outlook

The demand for professional in the area of international business is predicted to grow 14 percent over the next decade. Businesses of all types are able to delve into the global economy today with much more ease than in previous decades. Therefore, companies need experts who understand the international economy and how it works.

If you’re serious about growing your career in business for the future, explore your options to earn your IMBA to join the next generation of global business leaders around the world.

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