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Earn Your MBA OnlineOne of the top degrees in the business world is the MBA, or Master of Business Administration. This degree is incredibly versatile as well as in demand, which means that it can prepare graduates for a range of career opportunities across multiple industries. If you are making plans to earn an MBA online, it is important to think carefully about what comes after graduation. Here are just some of the top career opportunities that could be open to you once you’ve earned an MBA.

IT Director

If you earn an MBA and you specialize in information technology, then a natural fit could be that of IT director. The positions available in most multinational corporations, and it is a position that is required across all industries. An IT director is primarily responsible for managing computing resources as well as personnel. While it is undoubtedly a managerial position, it is really only suited to those with an in-depth knowledge of information technology.

Investment Fund Manager

Individuals, as well as corporations, invest heavily in funds. The person charged with managing these funds, and making decisions with regards to asset and resource allocation, risk and profit potential, is the investment fund manager. An MBA that focuses on finance is strongly recommended for those who are interested in this position. Although some investment careers are on the decline, it is worth noting that diversification and global financial security is as important as ever. An emphasis on international or offshore investment fund management can boost career opportunities following graduation.

Marketing Manager

In virtually every industry, and in organizations as well as nonprofits, marketing is a primary part of operations. Through marketing, companies can inform the public about their products, services and branding. A marketing manager is tasked with overseeing marketing campaigns, but it is an organizational role more than anything else. A marketing manager has to determine budget, create plans for campaigns, hire creatives and identify advantages that one company may have over another. One of the best ways to secure an interview for a role as a marketing manager is to have some marketing experience along with an MBA.


Many potential MBA students may be surprised about this particular job opportunity. However, an MBA is the ideal way to prepare for a role as a fundraiser. Although fundraising might be associated with nonprofit work, it can also be used extensively in other industries. For example, a fundraiser might work for a large tech company looking for venture capitalists to fund a new project or a new scientific breakthrough. Fundraisers will benefit from the skills taught in an MBA program, but they will also do well if they work on their soft skills and networking abilities.

Financial Manager

Whether you are interested in working for a big corporation or individual retired clients, an MBA can prepare you for a job as a financial manager. If you naturally gravitate toward financial strategy, then you’ll be equipped to help make financial decisions within any budget and risk level.

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