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Online Computer Engineering DegreeThere’s no doubt about it: Tech is big! Every day, new technological advances boost businesses across countless industries. To surf the tech wave, you will definitely want to have a degree that can be relevant in this growing field.

While there are several options available, one of the most effective is an online degree in computer engineering. Take a closer look at some of the many potential careers in tech available to those who earn a degree in computer engineering.

Computer Software Application Engineers

In today’s world, it is safe to say that there is an app for almost everything! The men and women behind personal and business applications are known as computer software application engineers. This career choice entails isolating a need or demand, using programming languages and coding to create an application that meets that need and then testing it to ensure it works properly. This job is fantastic for professionals who enjoy tackling difficult problems and who can work in both solo and group environments.

Computer Network Architect

If you want to have a tech-focused position, but you are also interested in working within a large corporation in another industry, then becoming a computer network architect could be ideal. Once you have earned your online degree in computer engineering, you can be one step closer to working as a computer network architect.

This job involves managing the network of an entire organization, nonprofit or corporation. Day to day tasks often include choosing the location for equipment, exploring new tech advances that could benefit the group and helping to protect the network for employees, executives and business owners.

Computer Hardware Engineer

While many graduates holding computer engineering careers focus on the software side of the equation, it can also be exciting to find a career as a computer hardware engineer. As the hardware aspect of the title implies, this is a job that is definitely hands-on. The job focuses on creating, developing and improving the physical components necessary for computing.

This includes items such as sound cards, monitors, memory boards and routers. If you enjoy working with your hands, and you also have a fondness for improving existing items, then this may be right for you.

Artificial Intelligence Researcher

One of the hottest areas of tech right now is AI, or artificial intelligence. The quest to discover and harness AI is on the mind of many in the tech industry, and there is a staggering amount of money and attention going to research in the field.

If you want to design and explore computer systems that can replicate human thought patterns or even reason independently, then working in AI is absolutely the right call to make.

Robotics Engineer for Industrial Production

When many people think of robotic engineering, they picture cute, human-like robots. The most in-demand applications, however, are for industrial production. Robotic engineering can cut labor costs in a major way, making it very appealing for big businesses. An online degree in computer engineering can be a handy prerequisite for a career as a robotic engineer for industrial production.

With an online degree in computer engineering, any one of these exciting careers could be in your future.

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