Embrace Your Inner Picasso With an Online Art and Design Degree

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Get Your Art Degree OnlineSome people believe that creativity can’t be taught. While that is hard to prove either way, what can be taught is the field of art and design. Whether you want to turn a love of painting into an income or you just want to explore new and exciting career options, the right degree can help. Embrace your inner artist and explore the benefits of earning an art and design degree online.

Gives You a Foot in the Door When Applying for Jobs

You might be the world’s best painter, sculptor, sketch artist or graphic designer, but it is still hard to get an interview without the right credentials. Many employees begin recruitment by weeding out people who don’t have a college degree. That might seem unfair to potential candidates, but it is a reality of the hiring process.

One way for you to avoid this obstacle is by earning an art and design degree online. With a degree on your resume, you are more likely to qualify for new positions, get called in for interviews and eventually secure the job you’re most excited about.

Opens You Up to New Career Opportunities

Having an art degree doesn’t mean you’re doomed to life as a starving artist. There are plenty of career opportunities available in the fields of art and design. With the right training, you’ll be ready to tackle them all. You might decide to work with the police force as a sketch artist, where you interview witnesses and sketch perpetrators. Or, you might decide to become a food modeler, where you plate delicious food items for magazines and commercials.

You could work as a graphic artist at a comic book publishing company, a website designer that creates appealing layouts for clients or as the art curator in a museum. There are thousands of more opportunities like these just waiting for the right candidates who have a degree in art or design.

Boosts Your Skills and Artistic Knowledge

Earning your degree in art and design is about more than just graduating with a piece of paper. As you work through the degree program, you’ll also learn more about the world of art. If you take a painting class, you might branch out from oils to acrylics. If you’re more interested in digital creativity, you might use new products that offer you a brand new set of skills. In short, you’ll be learning from art and design experts. This is a fantastic opportunity, and it is a chance for you to boost your skills as an artist or as a designer.

Is Convenient Enough to Fit Into Any Schedule

For many people, the idea of heading back to school and earning a degree is daunting. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Even the busiest individuals can find time to get ahead thanks to online learning. Whether you care for family members at home, you live in a rural area or you already have a full-time job, online classes allow you to pursue your dreams and earn an online degree in art and design.

Through Accredited Online Colleges, you can earn your art and design degree online to get ahead and advance your career in the arts.

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