5 Online Engineering Degrees to Help You Build a Career

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Online Engineering Students Engineering is the branch of study focused on the design and building of programs, structures, engines and machines of all types. Often, those who enjoy the fields of math, science and even construction will gravitate toward courses and careers in engineering. A career in engineering might interest you for a few reasons, just one of which is how easy it is to study online. Plus, you can focus on a specific area of engineering, allowing you to work in the field you are most passionate about.

1. Industrial Engineering Online Degree

If bigger is always better, then industrial engineering might be the field for you. Industrial engineering deals with large-scale projects, some of which need to run safely without human management. Often, these are commercial projects, and most will require a bachelor’s or above in industrial engineering. Fortunately, this is one of the many engineering degrees that can be earned online.

2. Chemical Engineering Online Degrees

Not all engineering projects are enormous! Some, in fact, are microscopic. Chemistry can certainly play a big role in engineering, and a chemical engineering degree from an online college might be a smart choice. Chemical engineers are often the minds behind the creation or use of new materials like ceramics that are lightweight and won’t shatter or plastics that can break down faster and protect the environment.

3. Civil Engineering Online Degrees

Think for a second about the various pieces of infrastructure you might find in a typical town. There are bridges, roads, overpasses, and airports, just to name a few. Civil engineers are the ones responsible for designing and creating these structures in a safe and efficient way. That’s why civil engineering is one of the most common engineering degree earned online. Civil engineers are needed to set up and maintain mass public transportation systems, excavate mines in ways that won’t harm the environment and build in growing cities without leaving sustainability behind.

4. Electrical Engineering Online Degrees

Electrical engineering is where the field of engineering overlaps with the field of modern technology. Just some of the things you might study while earning your degree in electrical engineering can include electromagnetism, harnessing alternative sources of energy and designing circuits for new electronic devices. Once again, this is an engineering degree that you can earn online. Many busy students who are already working in the field can add to a master’s or advanced degree in electrical engineering thanks to the flexibility and convenience of online learning.

5. Biological Engineering Online Degrees

Engineering can often cross over into the medical industry. Biological engineering, in particular, is a vital part of the developing medical, biological and genetic fields. If you want to be on the cutting edge of medical discovery, then earning an online degree in biological engineering can be a great place to start. With your degree, you might find a career where you spend your time curing cancer or manipulating the faster regrowth of human tissue.

At Accredited Online Colleges, you can learn more about earning an online engineering degree. This degree can propel your career forward and help open new doors across countless industries and fields.

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