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Become an Interior DesignerThere are thousands of people who have impressive skills in different creative fields, but aren’t sure how that translates to a profitable career. While a handful of artists strike it rich by selling their work, many others have to find other employment to pay their bills week after week.

In order to secure a job in an artistic field, considering earning a degree in design, whether it is is interior designing, website designing or graphic designing. Each utilizes your innate skills and teaches students how to market themselves in this economy.

What Can You Major In?

Designing is a degree that can have many different areas of study.

Art and design is a popular degree and is an ideal choice for those who enjoy painting, sculpture, drawing or who have a passion for the creative.

Interior designing is geared more toward those who are still creative, but think of a blank room as their canvas.

Although website designing might seem more technical than artistic, a creative eye is still needed to create an attractive layout.

Earning Your Design Degree Online

Perhaps more than in any other field, much of the work for a design degree is done on your own. Whether it is studying new techniques for a painting or reading about how to implement new computer technology on a website, much of it can be done on your own, online. An online degree gives you the freedom to work and study at the same time, or study and continue your artistic pursuits.

If you have a passion for fashion or art, consider pursuing an online degree in design. Find the online degree program that’s right for you at Accredited Online Colleges.

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