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There is somewhat of a crisis in the medical world as rising numbers of children, teenagers and adults are diagnosed as obese and even morbidly obese. As this issue gains attention there is a greater emphasis on preventive medicine. In many cases prevention is best addressed in the form of diet as well as exercise.

There is a need for professionals with qualifications in this field, such as those with a Bachelor’s in Health and Wellness. Read on to learn why health and wellness might be the right choice for you and whether you are the right fit.

Are You the Right Fit?

There are several ways to tell if a Bachelor’s in Health and Wellness is the right choice for you. First, it is important that you want to work hands on with others to improve their lives. Second, you should already have an interest in physical fitness, nutrition and similar studies. If you often find yourself thinking about going to the gym, reading articles about injury prevention or reading the back of nutrition labels to learn more, then this will likely be a clear fit for you.

Why an Online Degree?

The flexibility of an online degree is a huge advantage when it comes to heading back to school after starting a family or beginning a full time job. Even if you have a busy schedule you can set aside some time each evening or on the weekend to listen to online lectures, study the materials and even take exams.


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