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Education DegreeIn today’s economy, there are more teachers than school districts can afford to employ. In order to guarantee your full time position with a school, it is important to continue your education and pursue new certifications and qualifications to remain valuable to the school.

One valuable skill is to learn more about the education testing system at both the elementary and high school levels. The best way to learn about these methods of testing is to earn your Master of Education in Educational Assessment and Evaluation. Here is what you can expect to learn in this program and why it might be beneficial to take the program online.

What the Program Entails

The Master of Education in Educational Assessment and Evaluation will begin by explaining in great detail the various evaluation methods currently used to test the ability of students at different age groups. By understanding more about the means of testing, you can also prepare your classrooms to do better on tests in the future. Expect to learn how new technologies play a role in accurate testing as well as test preparation.

Advantages of Online Learning

By earning an online degree, teachers can continue to work full time and only study when they have time. Most teachers find that they are able to work through large course sections during the summer thanks to a teaching break. Coursework and exams can be done whenever there is time in the schedule and access to the Internet.

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