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Event PlanningThere are countless people who view event planning as the ultimate way to make a profit from a hobby that they already enjoy. If you believe that you are a great party planner who always knows how to please guests then it may be the perfect career for you. However, it is challenging to be hired by large planning companies or start your own event planning company without having some kind of qualification in the field. In order to pursue a career in event planning consider earning an online degree like an Associate in Business Administration – Event Planning.

 What is Event Planning?

Some individuals don’t understand why a degree program is necessary to learn event planning. However, the whole process of throwing a large event with thousands in attendance can be stressful and involve hundreds of different elements. Event planners might be responsible for booking performers or speakers for a conference, buying favors for giant events or marketing the company for new clients.

How Long Will an Online Degree Take?

The beauty of earning your Associate in Business Administration – Event Planning in an online setting is that you can determine how long it will take. On days where you have more time feel free to work ahead and prepare for upcoming exams. If life gets in the way you can slow down the pace of the course until you are ready to catch up again.


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