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English TeacherIf you love reading and writing and want to make a successful career out of it then consider earning a Bachelor of Arts in English through an online degree program. This degree will allow you to improve your writing skills, fine-tune your grammar and learn how to use the written word in fiction, marketing, advertising or entertainment.

If you want to earn an English degree but aren’t sure how it will transition to a successful career then read on for a better understanding of what to expect after graduation as well as why an online degree can be an advantage in the field.

What to Expect After Graduation

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English means that students will have a wealth of career opportunities to pursue. Some will want to write a novel or screenplay. Other more steady careers include fields like journalism, English teaching, library sciences, website content writing or freelance writing. A degree in English is also a great starting point to pursue graduate work or enter law school.

Why an Online Degree is an Advantage for English Students

The world of media is rapidly changing to allow for more writing to take place online rather than in print media. Earning an online degree means that you will already have an advantage over traditional graduates who are less familiar with computer technology.


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