An Advanced Degree in Psychology Can Help You Help Others

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It should come as no surprise to learn that people change drastically between the ages of eighteen and thirty. At eighteen most people pick out the degree and major that they want to pursue in life for the first time. By the age of thirty, forty or even fifty, your interests and passions may have changed significantly.

Unfortunately this means that your degree or career may no longer hold your interest. The growing field of psychology and addictions is a fascinating subject matter that many adults may be interested in pursuing. To learn more about the Master in Psychology Addictions degree, continue reading below.

What is a Master in Psychology Addictions?

This degree program will study the effects of group counseling, traditional rehabilitation programs, advanced methods of research and psychopharmacology. Graduates will have an extensive knowledge of the effectiveness of various treatments as well as how patients can approach recovery in order to benefit most. Upon graduation many students find fulfilling roles as social workers, researchers and mental health workers.

Why Should I Earn an Online Degree?

For those who are interested in switching careers later in life, an online degree gives you the flexibility to study on your own time. You can earn a degree while simultaneously attending work full time or taking care of a family. Online degrees are often less expensive than traditional degrees and even require less commuting.


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