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There are countless individuals who love spending time outdoors, getting closer to nature and learning more about the environment. These same people often struggle to find careers that force them to work in offices and abandon their love of the great outdoors.

To have a successful career that still allows you to research and study the planet, consider earning a degree like the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. This degree is the perfect combination of science and the outdoors. Read on to learn about typical degree programs in this field and why an online degree may be the perfect choice.

Your Guide to Environmental Studies

Students enrolled in a degree program like a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies will focus primarily on scientific research and understanding the makeup of Earth. Specific topics of study might include biology, botany, geology, environmental policy and human impact on the environment. Graduates will be prepared to work with large multinational companies to monitor their manufacturing process, work with environmental agencies or even with the government.

Choosing Online Learning

Many people believe that an online degree is less valuable than a traditional college degree. However, in recent years more and more individuals are turning to online learning and the value of the degree is increasing. The curriculum and professors are similar to any other course. The only difference is that it is more convenient, can be more affordable and progresses at your own speed.

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