Turn Your Love of Sports Into a Career with a Sports Management Degree

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Sports ManagementMost people have a love for sports, but few people ever get to pursue their passions and work in the sports industry. Whether you studied sports management as an undergraduate or you just want to change your career path and head in a new direction, a master’s degree in sports management may be the perfect way to find a lucrative and enjoyable career. If you are able to work in sports, you may find yourself loving every second of your work. When your passion is your job, no day will feel long, boring or unpleasant. Here is everything you need to know about pursuing a Master of Education in Sports Management.

What is Sports Management?

The field of sports management is a diverse and exciting one. Just as the name implies, it involves managing sports teams and individual players. However, there is a lot more to sports management than just being a general manager. You might work in recruiting for a Major League Baseball team, as a school sports coach or director, as a high level trainer for a specific sport or even as a communications agent in various sporting organizations.

What Will I Learn While Studying?

There are a number of different courses and programs that you can opt to study while earning your advanced degree in sports management. However, most programs will have select core courses that all students take. This might include courses like administrative roles in sports management, ethics in sports, how sports affects society and the legal aspects of sports management. If you are obtaining a Master of Education rather than a Master of Science, you will typically also learn about how sports affects the education system and how to teach sports management to others.

What Are My Career Options Upon Graduation?

A Master of Education in Sports Management is one of the most advanced degrees in the field. With this qualification, you can pursue almost any kind of employment in sports. If you are a recent graduate without much experience in the field, you may begin your career as a general manager for a smaller team or as part of the administrative staff for a large team in the NHL, NFL or NBA. You might also consider working as a sports journalist, as a college sports manager or even as a director of physical education for an entire state or county school system.

Can I Study This Program Online?

It is entirely possible to earn a master’s degree in sports management online. In fact, many people choose to go this route in order to save time and money. Instead of daily commutes to a traditional college campus or being forced to attend set classes at a particular time, you can log onto your course program through your computer and study whenever it is convenient for you. Many students actually earn their degrees while working full time in the field.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Apply?

The exact qualifications needed to apply for a master’s program in sports management differ depending on what institute or university you are apply to. However, in almost every case you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in sports management, education, business, exercise science or communications. Many of the highest ranked online programs require students to also have graduated with an average 3.0 GPA, or grade point average.

Those who work in sports management can command salaries well over $100,000 each year and may even have the opportunity to work hand in hand with elite athletes. It is an exciting field that allows sports enthusiasts to pursue their true passions.

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