Turn Your Retail Job Into a Career With a Degree in Business and Retail Management

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The retail business is a large and thriving industry. Whether you work as a sales clerk in a department store or as the manager of a large electronics store, you are a vital part of the retail business.

Many jobs in retail are entry level positions that lack the stability and income that you might desire. In order to get ahead in the retail world and work in management, you will need to have some kind of higher qualifications that show your knowledge and experience in the field.

A Bachelor of Science in Business and Retail Management is often the perfect degree to advance your career in retail and help you to earn more each month.

What is Retail Management?

Retail management is what goes on behind the scenes of every retail store. One person, or several people in a large store, work to create a harmonious shopping area, stock new items and determine their price, create budgets and financial plans and organize staff schedules. Retail management involves every aspect of turning a store into a successful business that brings in income and get positive feedback from staff and customers alike.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

Most graduates who earn a bachelor’s degree in retail management go on to work as managers in retail establishments. Some work as associate managers in local stores, and many more begin working as managers for large department stores.

You might be surprised to learn that highly qualified and trained retail managers are in great demand. Some large companies will actually pay graduates to relocate in order to work for them at the highest level. Some retail managers work offsite in large company headquarters rather than in the stores themselves.

What Does a Typical Course Program Look Like?

All bachelor degrees consist of core courses related to the degree subject as well as a number of courses that ensure the graduates are well rounded in many fields. You may have a language course, a science course, a communications course and a history course along with business and retail management offerings. Some of the core courses for a business degree in retail management include understanding consumer behavior, analyzing trends, create budgets for a store and dealing with staff and customers. This program will prepare you to manage any retail establishment with confidence.

How Can I Enroll or Register?

It is important to realize that every college program, whether online or in a traditional college campus, has varying standards and qualifications for potential students. You will always need a high school diploma as well as a GED in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree of any kind. Some schools will also require minimal grade point averages or specific standardized test results.

What Are Typical Salaries in the Field?

The salaries in the retail business vary greatly depending on your qualifications. Entry level employees with no experience or education may earn as little as minimum wage, but those with a bachelor’s degree in retail management can command much higher salaries along with vacation days and benefits. The average salary for a qualified retail manager is roughly $40,000 per year, but keep in mind that the figure changes depending on your personal experience and your geographic location in the country.

Earning your Bachelor Degree of Science in Business and Retail Management is a smart way to get ahead in the retail world. If you are tired of entry level retail positions and you want to find an interesting and challenging job in the field, then consider pursuing an online degree.

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