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Criminal Justice ProfessionalsSome of the most popular television shows are based on fictional criminal investigations. For many people, the appeal of these shows is the characters or the plot. Some individuals, however, tune in each week to learn more about the methods of criminal investigation, how to solve crimes and how to explore new types of technology in the field. If you have an interest in criminal investigation shows and you want to find a new and challenging career path,  an Associate Degree in Criminal Investigation may be the perfect choice for you. Read on to learn more about what you’ll need to work in criminal investigation.

What is Criminal Investigation?

The study of criminal investigation involves all aspects of solving crimes. Most of the coursework and day to day activity of a criminal investigator will consist of sweeping crime scenes in order to pick up clues about the victims and the criminals. You will learn how to categorize information found in a crime scene, process this information, analyze DNA material and preserve evidence left on the scene. There is also some administrative work involved in criminal investigation. You will learn how to file detailed reports about crime scenes and review all the information for law officers who take on the case. You might also have to speak in court about a crime scene.

What Are My Career Options After Graduation?

Pursuing an associate’s degree in criminal investigation means that you are prepared to find entry level work in criminal investigations. Most graduates will work in police departments as criminal investigators, but there are also many other options to pursue. You can choose to work in corrections or even as a private investigator thanks to a degree in criminal investigation. Many graduates also gravitate toward work as a gaming surveillance inspector, where their trained eyes and attention to detail is incredibly helpful. An average salary for those working in criminal investigations in $40,000 per year.

How Can I Apply?

In order to apply for an associate degree in criminal investigations, you should have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. Some colleges may require specific grade point averages or prerequisite classes before you can begin the program curriculum. You can typically apply to course programs online, by mail or even in person.

How Long Will My Degree Take to Complete?

A typical associate’s degree in criminal investigation takes two years to complete. However, this can vary slightly from course to course and student to student. If you are studying criminal investigations through an online program in a part time capacity, then it may take you slightly longer to complete. On the plus side, you can complete your degree at the same time as you work full time or take care of your family. If are in a hurry to complete your course, you may even be able to finish it in less than two years.

Why Should I Consider Online Learning?

There are countless reasons why obtaining your associate’s degree in criminal investigation or another area of criminal justice is best done online. Unless you live right next to a large college or university, you would have to commute daily to a traditional college campus. Online degrees allow you to avoid those hassles and simply log on anywhere that you have a computer. The flexibility of the course allows you to study in your own free time.

If you want to find a stable career in a challenging and fascinating field, then a degree in criminal investigation may be the perfect choice for you. An associate degree can be earned online in less than two years and will prepare you for a successful career ahead.

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