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Homeland Security Degree OnlineEach year in the United States, men and women train to serve the nation as soldiers, pilots, police officers and firefighters. While these individuals are well trained to fight individual disasters, protect the innocent and prevent crime, they are not trained to prevent large scale attacks on the country or to deal with international crises and war.

If you care deeply about your country and want to find a career that lets you take on new challenges in an exciting and constantly changing environment, consider training in homeland security and emergency management. An online program can help you to earn a Bachelors Degree in Homeland Securing and Emergency Management which will prepare you for countless careers in related fields.

What is Homeland Security?

This area of study is a relatively new course program in the United States. The government created the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11 as a way to be better prepared for these kind of attacks in the future. While studying for a degree that focuses on homeland security, you can expect to cover things like how to analyze attacks, how to prevent terrorism, how to inform citizens of potential threats and how to recover quickly from terrorist acts. While it can be a serious subject, it is a necessary part of protecting our country.

What is Emergency Management?

The study of emergency management goes hand in hand with homeland security. After a large attack or natural disaster, significant help is needed to transform a disaster area into a livable and welcoming environment. After a flood, a fire or a riot, emergency management teams are needed to work in the area in order to rebuild infrastructure, prevent crimes, make citizens feel safe and prevent the expansion of a contaminated or flooded area.

How Long Will This Degree Take?

A typical bachelor’s degree like this one in homeland security and emergency management would take four years or longer to complete in a traditional college campus. However, if you choose to earn your degree online instead you have greater flexibility over the duration of the degree program. While it will typically take four years to complete, some individuals take longer in order to allow themselves to work and study at the same time. Others prefer to speed up the course and complete it in less than four years.

Why Should I Earn My Degree Online?

If you are deciding between a traditional campus degree and an online degree, you might be wondering which is the best choice. While each person is different, many students find that studying online saves time and money. Instead of commuting each day to a busy campus, you can study from any location that is convenient for you. Lectures and study guides are all available online, and you can even take your exams online whenever you have time in your schedule.

What Are My Career Prospects After Graduation?

Being trained in emergency management means that you can work as a first responder for fires, medical emergencies and even accidents. However, your background in homeland security will also prepare you for several government positions. You can find work in the Homeland Security Department or even as part of the disaster relief teams in large cities. Some large insurance companies require trained staff to travel the country to be at emergency sites as needed.

Studying to receive a bachelor’s degree in homeland security and emergency management is a great way to find a fulfilling career that helps others across the country. You can serve your nation while facing new challenges each and every day.

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