Turn A Hobby Into a Career With an Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Security

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Most people spend hours each day on their computer. It has become more than just a work device for many individuals. A computer is used as a means of communication, as a way to play online video games and as a way to access research and entertainment on the Internet. As more and more people rely on their computers in daily life, a greater number of security measures are required to protect the sensitive information that gets passed back and forth through wireless networks constantly.

If you enjoy using the computer and feel skilled when using it, you might be a great candidate for an online degree in computer security. This kind of certificate prepares you for a lucrative and challenging career that stays up to date with all the newest technological developments. Read on to learn how you can earn your Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Security and begin working in a new field.

Your Guide to Understanding Computer Security

Some people mistakenly believe that all computer degree programs are the same. However, there is a big difference between a basic information technology degree and one that specifically deals with computer security. A computer security certificate will focus primarily on ways to protect users from identify theft or stolen information. Since people often use their smart phones and computers to file their taxes, pay bills and shop online, there is a lot of sensitive financial information that is sent and received. Studying computer security will prepare graduates for a career in the field by teaching them how to protect individual devices as well as how to secure networks used by millions.

Career Possibilities Available for Graduates

Graduating with a degree in computer security means that you can officially call yourself a computer security specialist. There are dozens of potential fields where you can apply your skills and knowledge after graduation. Many individuals will go on to work in large corporations who need a dedicated team to run and protect their network. Some of the many companies which require this kind of attention are banks, retail establishments, travel websites and anything else that requests credit card numbers or personal information from clients and customers. You might also decide to start your own business and help individuals to protect their device and reduce their chance of identity theft.

Average Salaries and Career Prospects

The amount of money you can make as a computer security specialist varies greatly depending on your geographic location, your experience and the type of work that you decide to do. Those who work with individuals as freelance specialists may earn high hourly wages and enjoy flexible schedules, but their overall job stability is less secure. Those who work in large corporations can expect to earn well over $55,000 annually after just a few years on the job.

The Advantages of Studying for Your Degree Online

In order to become a doctor, you have to spend time in a hospital. In order to become a computer security specialist, you need to spend time on your computer. Rather than commuting each day to a traditional college campus to take classes on your computer, enroll in an online program that allows you to work from home whenever it is most convenient for you. Those studying computer security will appreciate the convenience, and you will actually gain experience dealing with computers in the process.

If you have always loved working or playing on computers, then consider earning an undergraduate degree or certificate in computer security. You can learn to protect the private information of others and secure networks used by millions of users around the world.

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