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One of the biggest dilemmas on the planet today is helping developing counEnvironmental Studiestries to increase their infrastructure and manufacturing industries without harming the fragile environment. As science reveals how certain processes can significantly harm the planet, it becomes our responsibility to help encourage the growth of green and sustainable enterprise. From green building materials to smog regulations in cities, it is possible to adopt Eco-friendly policies that will not hamper development.

If you have an interest in both the environment and business, then a degree like a bachelor’s degree in business with a focus on green and sustainable enterprise management may just be the perfect fit for you. Read on to learn more about why sustainable and green practices are necessary, what you can expect to learn with an online degree in this field and what kinds of careers are available for graduates.

Understanding Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management

Green and sustainable enterprise for corporations is necessary in order to protect the environment, comply with governmental regulations and to keep customers and clients happy. As people are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and the possible repercussions of extensive development, corporations are being held responsible for their actions. The idea of green and sustainable enterprise involves creating regulations to monitor and limit pollution, the burning or fossil fuels and the reliance on nonrenewable resources. Governments, corporations and individuals all work together to create an economy where progress does not necessarily equal destruction of the environment.

Sample Courses and Curriculum For This Degree

Students studying for a Bachelor of Science in Business/Green & Sustainable Enterprise Management can expect to cover topics like business law, marketing, accounting and green enterprises. While the majority of the courses will pertain to management and business generally, there will also be a number of classes that refer to green practices specifically. These might include such classes as resource allocation, green-washing, environmental management, environmental economics, green marketing to a new generation and corporate recycling. You will learn how to create regulations that protect the Earth as well as how corporations can implement those policies and monitor their progress and results.

Possible Employment Options for Graduates

After graduating with a bachelor in business with a focus on green and sustainable enterprise management, students can pursue several different careers in the field. Many find success working with large corporations, in environmental agencies or directly for various governments who monitor and regulate businesses. Many students will eventually work in fields like industrial development, international business, hydroelectric production, biofuels production or exploring alternative energy sources. This industry is one that will continue to grow as tighter guidelines apply to international companies and as consumers are becoming more aware of environmental problems. Large businesses are now interested in a green image to improve their public image as well as their sales.

Advantages of Studying Online

Students who study for their business degree with a specialization in green and sustainable enterprise management can opt to earn their degrees through accredited online colleges and universities if they want to study from home, save money in tuition and progress through their courses at their own pace. Without a set class schedule, students can work from home whenever it is convenient. As long as you have a computer and a connection to the Internet you can listen to prerecorded seminars, watch lectures via webcam or even email and chat online with classmates and professors for assistance, advice and to prepare for exams.

If you want to find a lucrative career in the business world but also want to protect the environment in the process, then a degree in green and sustainable enterprise management is the perfect choice.

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