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School CounselorWorking as a school counselor is an incredibly rewarding position. It is also one that will continue to be needed in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and even universities across the country.

School counselors often need to help young children deal with the trauma of being away from the home all day, might need to stop bullying or discrimination in a middle school and often help older high school students to prepare themselves for higher education like college or vocational training.

In order to work in schools as a counselor, you will need to have a degree like the Master of Science in Counseling/School Counseling as well as a certification from a governing board in your state. Read on to learn a little more about the courses in this degree program, requirements for candidacy, career opportunities and reasons to take courses online.

Sample Curriculum for a Master’s in School Counseling

Enrolling in master’s in school counseling degree program means that you can expect to study courses such as group counseling techniques, child psychology, eating disorders and self esteem issues, Internet bullying and counseling in diverse environments.

Students enrolled in a master’s degree program typically complete the course within two years, but it may take slightly less or slightly longer if you proceed at your own pace with an online degree. You will learn how to be culturally sensitive, how to foster relationships with children and adults of all ages and how to reach out and help any students who need your guidance in a school setting.

Requirements for Candidates Pursuing This Degree

To be eligible to enroll in a degree program like a master’s of science in school counseling, you should already have a bachelor’s degree. In most cases, any bachelor’s Master's Degree School Counselingdegree will be sufficient, but some institutes will require that your degree is in a related field like child psychology, social work or education.

You will also typically need to have a 3.0 grade point average, but keep in mind that the specific number may be flexible depending on where you wish to attend school. Ideally, you would also have some demonstrated interest, research or work in the field of school counseling in order to be considered as a potential student.

Career Opportunities in School Counseling

Once you have graduated and hold a master’s in school counseling, you will have countless opportunities in education available to you. Most graduates will go on to work in educational institutes as counselors.

They may work as school counselors in an elementary school or as college guidance counselors at the high school level. Some universities employ school counselors to help new students deal with the transition to college classes and living away from home.

Careers in school counseling will continue to grow as school enrollment numbers climb throughout the country. With this degree, you can also opt to open up your own private practice. School counselors earn an average of $56,000 per year.

Reasons to Pursue a Master’s in School Counseling Online

Once you have decided to pursue a master’s in school counseling, you will need to decide what institute to earn your degree from. Although attending a traditional college campus may have some benefits, it can also be expensive, inconvenient and inflexible. Taking online courses allows you to set your own speed of study, make time for exams whenever it is most convenient and prevents you from needing lengthy commutes each day.

Becoming a school counselor is a worthy and fulfilling career decision. Earning your degree online is a convenient way to help you reach your goals faster.

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