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Criminal JusticeIn a depressed economy, finding a career that is stable and reliable can be a challenge. Although many industries are struggling, there is still a great demand for employees working in the area of corrections and case management.

This field involves monitoring and overseeing convicted criminals, juveniles and those on parole. It can be very rewarding and offers benefits like a great salary, job security and stability.

If you are interested in making a real difference, beginning a new career path that offers success and the ability to work full time while earning your degree, then consider earning an online  Bachelor’s Degree in Corrections & Case Management.

Read on to learn about the prerequisites of the program, what courses you can expect to take, why an online degree is a great idea and what kinds of careers await you after graduation.

Degree Objectives in Corrections and Case Management

A bachelor’s degree in corrections and case management is typically a criminal justice degree that specializes in the area of corrections. It takes roughly four years to complete, although that number may vary slightly if you set your own pace with an online degree. Students will gain a basic understanding of the police network, the justice system, criminology, homeland security and policing local areas.

There may also be some liberal arts curriculum that includes math, history, literature and some chosen elective classes of your preference. The focus of the degree, however, will be on those classes that pertain most to corrections and case management. These typically include correctional leadership, penitentiary policies, abnormal corrections behavior and dealing with juveniles.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

In order to pursue your bachelor’s degree in corrections and case management, you will need to have either a high school degree or a general education degree. If you opt to first pursue an associate degree, your grade point average must be a minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and you should have already completed your general education courses to be ready for degree-specific courses in corrections and case management. You will need to be over the age of 18 in order to enroll in the program or have express writtenCriminal Justice permission from a parent or guardian.

Career Opportunities After Graduation

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in corrections and case management means that you have countless opportunities ahead of you. Most graduates go on to work in a penitentiary or jail as a corrections officer, and many with this degree are able to immediately work in management positions. You might also find work in a police station as a booking officer or even as a parole officer for recently released inmates.

If you prefer to work with teenagers, there are many positions available for graduates in juvenile detention. Many feel that this kind of work truly makes a difference and can help troubled teenagers to make the best of a bad situation and turn their lives around.

Considering an Online Degree Program

After deciding on a specific degree like a bachelor’s in corrections and case management, you will need to decide whether to earn your degree online or in a traditional college campus. If you want to work full time or take care of family while pursuing your degree, studying online is the most convenient option.

It allows you to fit studying, classes and even exams into your schedule whenever it is most convenient, and courses can often be cheaper online than in a traditional brick and mortar campus.


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