5 Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant

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Medical AssistingWorking in the medical world is an exciting prospect for many individuals. Along with a fast-paced schedule and a thrilling environment, medical professionals are able to meet a diverse group of people, enjoy stable careers in a growing industry and get great health benefits. Unfortunately, many careers within the medical field require extensive education.

If you want to work in medicine but don’t want to commit to a lengthy degree that may take up to to 12 years to complete, a great alternative is to become a healthcare assistant. Keep reading for information on the top five reasons to become an assistant of medicine.

1. Getting Qualified is Easy to Do

The reason that medical assisting is such a popular career choice for many individuals is because the qualifications and certifications required are minimal compared to many other positions. In many hospitals, medical assisting professionals only need to have a high school diploma and some related work experience. If you don’t have any work experience, or you want to come into the medical assisting industry above the entry level, then you might want to consider earning an online certificate in medical assisting or even an associate degree in the same subject. These diplomas can take as little as six months to earn online from the convenience of your home.

2. You’ll Enjoy Job Stability

The field of medical assisting is forecast to grow 31% between the years of 2012 and 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States. If you are interested in finding a career for life that won’t suffer from downsizing or layoffs on a regular basis, then this is a great employment choice for you. Since there is a large demand for new medical assisting staff, you should have no trouble finding work after earning your online degree or certification.

3. Great Salaries and Opportunities for Advancement

Without a formal education and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, many individuals struggle to find a lucrative career and a salary that is sufficient for their lifestyle. Since the demand for medical assisting staff is so great, the salary for the position is very competitive and averages around $30,000 per year with just a high school education. Beyond that level, there is the potential for even higher salaries, and there are countless opportunities for growth within the medical industry.

4. Fulfillment and Satisfaction

One of the biggest reasons to consider working in medical assisting is the satisfaction you will get from helping others. Unlike staff who work in medical administration or medical coding, medical assisting is a way to really see the results of your work and involves helping physicians, setting patients up for their appointments and any other clinical duties that will help assist the main doctors or physicians. If you are looking for a career that really makes a difference and gives you real satisfaction, this is the perfect employment position for you.

5. You Can Work Directly With Patients

Medical assisting professionals work in places like hospitals, private practices and nursing homes directly with patients. Studies shows that individuals who work directly with other people feel more compassionate and more rewarded at the end of each day, so medical assisting professionals really enjoy that personal connection. If you like meeting new people and communicating with diverse individuals throughout the day, medical assisting is a great job within the health care industry.

Becoming a medical assistant is one of the top careers for those who don’t want to pursue extensive traditional education. A short online degree can prepare you for a stable and well-paid career in this field.


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