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Cyber Security And TechnologyOver the past two decades, most people have turned from occasionally using the Internet to using it hourly for work, communication with friends and family, entertainment, weather forecasts, shopping, banking and news. As individuals rely more and more on the Internet, there is a greater need than ever before to protect the information on smartphones and computers. Large businesses, in particular, need to safeguard and protect their data, contacts and financial information.

If you are interested in computers and think that cyber security might be something you would like to pursue as a career, then a bachelor’s degree majoring in cyber security technology is likely the ideal degree to get you your dream career. Read on to learn all about the courses and subject matter for a degree in cyber security technology, what the requirements for this degree are, what careers are currently available for graduates and why an online education is the best choice in this field.

What To Expect When Earning a Degree in Cyber Security Technology

In order to secure some of the top employment opportunities in cyber security technology, a 120 credit bachelor’s degree is typically the best choice. This degree will take an average of four years for students to complete, and it can be earned online or through a traditional college campus.

Some of the subjects you can expect to study include criminal law, handling digital evidence, security for networks, computer forensics, tracking Internet usage, and detecting and investigating cyber threats. In addition to these core curriculum classes, students will have a number of general education classes in subjects as diverse as communications or history.

Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree in This Field

In order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the subject of cyber security technology, applicants to the degree program should have a high school diploma or a general education degree, be over the age of 18 at the time of enrollment, have the time and resources to commit to the duration of the four year program and also have either SAT or ACT scores that meet the requirements of the college. Those students who are interested in online degrees should also have regular access to a computer and connection to the Internet.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates who earn their Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security Technology will have their pick of many careers in dozens of different industries. Any company, business or organization that uses the Internet for communication, electronic patient records or sales will require a team of cyber security experts to protect the information. Graduates can find work in health care facilities, banks, retail businesses or even charitable organizations.

Graduates may work under the job title of information technology security analysts, data security administrators, computer security specialists or information security technicians. As more and more companies require cyber security, the number of skilled graduates needed in this field of technology is set to increase more than in most other industries.

Reasons to Choose Online Education

There are several reasons that aspiring students choose to enroll in online degree programs rather than those in traditional college campuses. A few of these reasons include convenience, flexibility of the course speed and progression, natural confidence on the computer, ease of communication with teaching staff and classmates and the ability to hold down a full time job while pursuing a degree. If you think you are too busy for a degree, think again. Anyone can pursue a degree online if they have a computer and an Internet connection.



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