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Although working as a paramedic can be an exciting and rewarding career, many paramedics are interested in transitioning from their current position into a position as a registered nurse, or RN. As registered nurses enjoy more prestige in the medical field than paramedics, enjoy a higher earning potential and can enjoy a greater number of career opportunities, it is very common to want to make the jump.

If you are currently working as a paramedic and are interested in becoming a registered nurse, then you may want to enroll in a Paramedic to RN degree program.

Read on to learn more about what it takes to transition from working as a paramedic to working as a registered nurse, what kinds of topics and subjects you can expect to cover in the course, reasons to make the switch from paramedic to registered nurse and how online bridge courses in this area can save you time and hassle.

How to Transition From Paramedic to Registered Nurse

In order to turn your qualification to work as a paramedic into a licensing for a registered nurse, students will need to attend classes for anywhere from one to three years, will need to take the NCLEX-RN exam in order to be licensed, should have a high school diploma and will require at least one year of experience as a paramedic.

Special bridge courses will help paramedics to achieve their RN title faster, as the course will not repeat information that paramedics would already be familiar with. Expect the course to take roughly one year if studying full time and two years or longer if studying part-time.

Typical Subject Matter for This Bridge Course

Paramedics who enroll in a transition degree course to become registered nurses can expect to study topics like pharmacology, microbiology, nursing in surgery, health and nutrition, the ethics of health care, advanced nursing concepts and new technologies in nursing. Although the curriculum will be very similar to that of a traditional nursing degree program, it will skip basic first aid, life support techniques and other ares of study that paramedics are traditionally already very familiar with.Earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online

Reasons to Switch From Paramedic to Registered Nurse

There are several big reasons why a paramedic might be interested in switching from their current form of employment to pursue a career as a registered nurse. Some of these reasons include a bigger monthly salary, more respect and prestige in the medical community and a more relaxed working environment. While paramedics primarily work in fast-paced emergency situations, nurses can opt to work in calmer nursing homes or private practices.

Ultimately, many paramedics decide to make the switch because of the significant salary increase. While paramedics earn an average of $33,000 annually, registered nurses in the United States enjoy a significantly higher annual salary of $67,000.

Advantages of Online Education

There are several reasons why students choose to earn their paramedic to registered nurse degrees online rather than in a traditional college campus setting.

Online courses allow paramedics to attend school while still working full time, let students have flexibility when it comes to their courses and the speed of completion and even offers students the ability to take exams from the comfort of home. As long as you have a computer and access to an Internet connection, you can study from any location. In addition, many paramedics appreciate the flexible schedules of online learning, primarily because the work schedule of a paramedic is anything but reliable.

If you are a paramedic who wants to earn a better salary and work as a registered nurse, then consider an online bridge program that transitions from paramedic to RN.

Whatever type of career you are interested in pursuing, you can find a degree program to help you gain the skills you need. Some programs are available completely online while others are a mixture of online courses and some on-campus or internship courses.

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