Career Opportunities in the World of Fashion Design and Merchandising

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Fashion Designer DrawingOne of the most glamorous and exciting industries to work in is the fashion industry. Whether you have a job designing clothes, marketing those designs to stores or working as a buyer or merchandiser for a large retail clothing company, working in fashion can be thoroughly enjoyable. For prospective students who are interested in fashion, there can be nothing more exciting than a career in fashion. However, it is important that students know what area of fashion they are interested in.

Online degrees will help prepare you for any number of these careers, and they can be convenient and flexible enough to allow even full time employees to pursue a degree on the evenings or weekends. Here are some of the most popular careers in fashion along with what it takes to succeed in each.

Fashion Designers and Developers

This career is perhaps the most popular and most desirable of jobs within the fashion industry. Fashion designers and developers actually come up with the ideas for new pieces of clothing and then work to create that item. Some designers work for weeks to create a single piece of couture clothing, but other may work efficiently and create an entire retail collection in just a few months.

In order to be a fashion designer, you should have basic sewing knowledge, creativity, a background or interest in fashion and a degree at the associate or bachelor’s level. These degrees can be pursued in a traditional college campus setting or at home from your computer over the Internet.

Showroom Managers

A showroom manager who works in fashion is the person who decides how to display clothing items in a retail store. Entry level positions in this field might include retail staff who dress the mannequins in a store, but showroom managers at the highest level will determine clothing placement for entire clothing chains. If you enjoy being creative and want to create attractive layouts for fashion retailers, then an associate or bachelor’s degree in fashion or merchandising will be a great place to start for a career as a showroom manager.

Fashion Buyers

Fashion Designer

Working as a fashion buyer means that you will have great control over the trends and styles that make it from the catwalk to the streets. Buyers work for large retailers and choose which items to purchase from designers. If a large department store chain orders thousands of dresses for their stores, that dress will undoubtedly become a popular one. This career requires a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and a keen eye for new trends in fashion and design.

Fashion Merchandise Forecaster

In many ways, a fashion merchandise forecaster is like a fashion buyer. Fashion merchandise forecasters predict what styles, trends, colors and fashions will be popular in any given season. However, most fashion merchandise forecasters will work independently or for private firms, who the pass on the information to fashion buyers of smaller chains or retailers. Fashion merchandise forecasters often attend fashion shows and see the private collections of designers.

Fashion Journalists

If you love fashion as well as writing, then a career as a fashion journalist might be ideal. This kind of career involves learning about fashion and current trends, covering fashion shows, reviewing new styles and trends and even interviewing designers or fashion models. In order to succeed in this field, you should have a passion for fashion as well as excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic.

To begin any one of these careers, consider earning an online degree in fashion design and merchandising. Whether at the associate or the bachelor’s level, a degree will adequately prepare you for success and enjoyment in the fashion industry.


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