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One of the most hot button issues in politics and economics today is that of energy. As oil becomes more and more expensive and increasingly difficult to extract and locate, businesses and individuals around the world are searching for alternative energy sources. Nuclear, solar and wind energy are just a few of the options being explored in countless industries. Since this field is an emerging one, there are few educated individuals who are qualified to lead the charge toward more affordable, efficient and renewable energy sources.

If you are interested in this field of study and you want to earn yourself a top position in the energy industry, then a Master’s of Business Administration in Energy Management is a top choice. Keep reading to learn about what subjects you might learn while earning an MBA – Energy Management, what the prerequisites for this degree type are, reasons to pursue this degree, what careers you can look forward to after graduation and why an online degree is such a smart choice for professionals.

Typical Curriculum for an MBA in Energy Management

Earning a master’s degree that focuses on energy management typically takes students anywhere from one to two years and will include classes in subjects like the economics of energy, sustainable consumption of energy, alternative resources, energy operations and energy management. Students will learn more about every type of available energy as well as their pros and cons, and they will also learn more about the operations and financial constraints of these large businesses. Graduates should be prepared to take on leadership or managerial roles within energy businesses both large and small after completing the program.

Prerequisites for This Degree

In order to enroll in an MBA program in energy management, students should have already received their bachelor’s degree in a related field, have a demonstrated interest in energy and business, have suitable results on their Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, and have written references from previous professors or employers if necessary. Students interested in pursuing their MBA online should also have regular access to the Internet and a computer.

Reasons to Pursue an MBA in Energy Management

There are several main reasons that individuals decide to pursue an advanced degree like the MBA in Energy Management. This degree allows employees to get ahead in their fields, increase their earning potential and receive promotions. In addition, the energy sector is a growing industry that is constantly searching for qualified employees, giving graduates a near guarantee for employment.

Careers and Prospects After Graduation

Graduates from this degree program will have a number of different careers available to them, most of which will be in industries like oil, nuclear energy, wind farming, Master of Business Administrationrenewable energy development or environmentally friendly organizations. Graduates might hold job titles within these companies such as director of operations, energy trader, business development manager or energy trader. Since this is a steadily growing and lucrative field, those working for the energy industry can expect significant salaries, especially when holding an MBA in Energy Management. Starting salaries with this qualification are typically around $85,000 annually and grow rapidly with experience.

Professionals and Online Degrees

Since online degrees are now readily accepted just like traditional college degrees, many professionals are turning to Internet education in order to get ahead without commuting to local college campuses or committing to set classroom schedules. Students can study, watch live lectures and even take exams from their own home or office according to their own schedule, making it easier than ever to earn an MBA.

If you are interested in finding top employment positions within the growing energy sector, then consider an advanced online degree in energy management offered through one of the many accredited online colleges.

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