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Computer TechnicianLike millions of people around the world, you might be struggling to find a true career that utilizes your talents, helps you to feel accomplished, gives your life stability and brings in a sizable paycheck. In order to find this kind of career, it is important that you have some type of credentials or qualifications. This will help future employers and hiring managers to see your potential in their business.

If you want to get ahead in life and find a real career, but you don’t want to attend college for several years first, then an online certification in something like computer systems technician specialization might be the ideal solution. Read on to learn more about the requirements for enrollment in this certificate program, what kind of topics you might cover while studying, what your career options and prospects are after graduation and why you should consider an online certification rather than a more traditional one.

What You Will Need to Become a Computer Systems Technician

In order to become a certified computer systems technician, you will first need to earn a qualification like a Certificate – Computer Systems Technician, have a high school diploma, be comfortable working with computers and have excellent communication skills. Although having an associate or bachelor’s degree will certainly be an advantage, it is not necessary in most cases.

What You Can Expect to Study When Earning This Certificate

When earning your certificate to become a trained computer systems technician, you can expect to study for anywhere from nine months to two years. Students can expect to study courses in subjects like operating system fundamentals, hardware support, routing technology, networks, wireless technology and fiber optics. After completing the course, you should feel completely prepared to troubleshoot computers or oversee and maintain the networks of entire businesses.

Career Options and Prospects After Graduation

After earning a certificate that trains you to become a computer systems technician, graduates are able to find careers in many different industries including health care, business, finance and retail. Any business, company or organization that relies on modern technology and computers will require a computer systems technician on their staff.

Some of the most popular job titles in this field include computer support technician, network engineer, information systems manager, web developer or database manager. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for computer systems technicians will increase by more than 23 percent over the next decade. Average salaries are roughly $66,000 per year for computer systems Computer Systems Techniciantechnicians, but that number will grow with experience and any further education.

Pros and Cons of Working as a Computer Systems Technician

The pros of working as a computer systems technician include lucrative pay, having the opportunity to begin work after as little as two years of training and an increasing job demand and stability. Unfortunately, there are cons as well. This line of work can involve long hours in some cases, updated training is required often in order to stay ahead of new technological developments and workers are expected to spend most of their time at a computer or on the phone while sitting.

Choosing an Online Certificate

There are several reasons why choosing an online certificate is better than a traditional campus program. Online programs allow students to study whenever they have time in their schedule, they are flexible and they can even be affordable. Without long commutes, parking or set class schedules, students will be able to save a significant amount of time while earning their certification online.

To find a great and well paid career in less than two year, consider earning an online certification in order to begin work as a computer systems technician.

Preparing for a career in technology makes sense for anyone with the interest and talent in this area since this is one field that will only continue to grow and expand in the future.

Accredited Online Colleges is the best place to begin finding out about all of your options to earn a certificate or degree in a wide range of technology areas. You can earn your degree completely online in most areas of technology.

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