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In the health care industry, dozens or even hundreds of staff could help to care for just one patient. There are nurses, administrative assistants, doctors, surgeons, physician’s assistants and pharmacists, among others, that work together to ensure that patients receive the best possible medical treatment possible. Although this care is incredible, many patients need a case manager as well.

A case manager is someone who can organize and oversee a patient’s treatment to ensure that everyone is on the same page about the best way to heal or treat the patient, and they may act as the liaison between treatment staff and the patient. If you are interested in becoming a case manager as a nurse, a social worker or a rehabilitation specialist, read on to learn more about the case management certification, the prerequisites for this kind of course, reasons to pursue a certification in case management and how you can earn the certification online.

Understanding the Case  Certification

A case management certification is typically a one year course that prepares individuals to work as course managers in their existing field. It is important to note that not all certification courses all the same and that most graduates will still need to pass the licensing exam in their state. However, the course should adequately prepare students to pass the exam with flying colors and be ready to take on new challenge in their careers as a nurse or social worker.

Prerequisites for Enrolling in a Certification Course

Most colleges and learning centers that offer case management certificates require their students to already hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field. In addition, you should have the willingness to commit to the duration of the program. After graduation, those who want to sit for the certificate exam in their state will also need some work experience in the field and a working knowledge of the principles outlined by the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

Reasons to Pursue a Certification Course

The three main reasons for people to pursue a case management certification course are to increase their earning potential, to advance their careers and to connect on a closer level with their patients. There can be no doubt that with the addition of a case management certification, even those with bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees will see an increase in their salary. In addition, you may be more likely to receive a promotion. Many case managers choose this field of study because they want to form closer relationships with patients and feel more connected to the people they are helping each day.

Career Opportunities for Case Managers

Most case managers work in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics or with social welfare organizations. Most case managers are assigned a particular number of cases, and they will spend time organizing and overseeing the treatment of each patient one at a time. Although this kind of work can be challenging, it is enjoyable and very fulfilling for most individuals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for case managers is increasing rapidly, with 28 percent growth forecast over the next decade.

Benefits of Online Certifications

Choosing to earn your case management certification online rather than through a traditional college or training center can save you money, will certainly save you time and will allow you greater flexibility. By choosing the speed through which you progress, the schedule is tailored to your needs and time constraints.

To advance your career and become a case manager, think about earning an online certification in case management through one of the many accredited online colleges that offer the program.



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