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Criminal Justice CareerFor many people, sitting in an office every day, doing the same routine tasks and meeting with the same few people can get mundane and boring. If your dream job involves action, challenges, new tasks each day and interesting locations, then you might want to consider a career in security and protective services. This kind of career might involve planning for disaster relief, securing large venues, protecting celebrities or working as security guards for any number of location.

If this interests you and you want to learn more, then keep reading to learn about what kinds of security and protective services degrees are available, what you can expect to learn during this kind of program, how online learning works and what careers are available for graduates in this particular field.

What Degrees Are Available in Security and Protective Services?

For those interested in earning a degree in security and protective services, there are three major options to choose from. Online degrees are available at the associate degree level, the bachelor’s level and the master’s level. Associate degrees will take an average of two years to complete and require a minimum of a high school diploma, and they will provide graduates with entry level positions in the field.

A bachelor’s degree will consist of 120 credits and usually takes four years to complete online, but it offers graduates greater career options within the field. Although a master’s degree will take an additional two years and first requires a bachelor’s degree in a related subject, it is the ultimate degree for those trying to secure any of the top careers in security and protective services.

What Can You Expect to Learn During This Program?

While taking courses in security and protective services, students can expect to study diverse topics such as surveillance, technology, network security, disaster management, first aid techniques, loss prevention, security ethics, constitutional law, hazardous handling materials and national protection. With an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree, roughly half of your classes will directly relate to your major in security and protective services. The remainder will focus primarily on general education requirements such as history, communications, literature or science.

How Does Online Learning Work?

Online learning is very similar to traditional classroom learning in a college, but the classes and exams are held virtually rather than in a physical setting. Students receive a Security & Protective Servicescurriculum list or syllabus at the beginning of each class, and then they will have the opportunity to listen to recorded lectures, participate in live classrooms with the aid of a computer camera and communicate with teaching staff and classmates thanks to Internet classroom message boards.

Even exams can be taken online from the comfort of your homes. Most students will have the ability to study, read or take exams whenever they have time, and course speed can increase or decrease depending on their personal schedule.

What Careers Are Available After Graduation?

With a degree in security and protective services, students will have several different job opportunities to choose from. Many graduates will go on to work as loss prevention specialists in retail establishments, as security guards for arenas or stadiums, as guards in corrections facilities, as bodyguards for high-profile celebrities or politicians or even as disaster preparation specialists in cities, amusement parks, stadiums or even schools. Salaries for associate degree holder typically start around $30,000 annually, and those with a master’s degree can expect to earn upwards of $90,000 each year.




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