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Cloud ComputingThere can be no denying that one of the fastest growing industries in the country is that of information technology. As individuals and businesses come to rely on Internet communications for virtually every aspect of their lives, it becomes more and more important to have trained and qualified employees who can set up networks and keep them safe for users.

Cloud computing is a relatively new technology that involves sending both hardware and software over the Internet or through a large user network. As cloud computing becomes more and more popular, there are a greater number of concerns about it.

Privacy and legal concerns are two of the major issues. If you are interested in learning more about cloud computing and helping to make this service safer for users, then you may be interested in an information science degree with a specialization in cloud computing. Read on to learn more about what subjects you will learn with this degree program, what it takes to become an enrolled student, what careers are available after graduation and even why an online degree is a smart choice.

Subjects You Will Study With This Degree

While earning your bachelor’s degree in information science, you will typically cover a selection of courses like evaluating client needs, installing servers, managing virtual data centers, data storage using cloud computing, customer service and network security. You will learn everything there is no know about cloud computing, but you will also learn how to deal with clients, how to hone your written and verbal communications skills and even how to create budgets and invoices for a small business.

Students enrolled in information science programs at the bachelor’s degree level will also need to take some general studies degrees in fields as diverse as literature, statistics or history.

Enrollment Information for a Bachelor of Information Science – Cloud Computing

Those students who are interested in enrolling in a bachelor’s degree in information science with a specialization in cloud computing will need to meet the school’s admission Cloud Computingstandards, fill out an application, send in their high school transcripts and produce written references from former teachers or employers. The typical standards for admission include being over the age of 18 or having parental permission, having a high school diploma, having a 3.0 grade point average out of a 4.0 possible score and having the required ACT and SAT scores. In order to complete the course materials, you will also need regular access to a computer.

Available Careers for Graduates

Graduates who finish their education with a bachelor’s degree in information science with a focus on cloud computing will be potential candidates for a number of different information technology positions around the world. Some of the more common places that graduates end up include IT help desks, as virtual server administrators, on network implementation teams, as storage technology managers, as network infrastructure support or as technology support. Employees in these positions may work specifically in the IT department of a large business, or they may work for computing companies or as freelance specialists and consultants.

Reasons to Choose an Online Degree Over a Traditional Campus Degree

Students who choose college majors like information science are typically very comfortable on the computer, making it an easy decision to choose an online degree over a traditional campus degree. Online degrees can save you from long commuters, allow you to have a flexible schedule and give you the freedom to pursue any college degree, even if you live in a rural area.


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